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Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Entrepreneur

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Joshua Knight

Listed in Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Coaching Practice-Builder Mentor, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Consultants, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Goal Setting, Inspiration, Leadership Coach, Leadership Development, Leadership Development, Life Coach, Marriage Counselor, Motivational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Overcoming Obstacles, Parenting Coach (Teens), Performance, Performance Coach, Personal Development, Relationship Coach, Relationships & Dating, Sales Trainer, Self-Esteem Coach, Speaker Coach, Stress & Depression, Success


555 E. 5th. St., #2722 Austin, TX 78701

Description: Family Coach, Relationship Coach, Performance Coach Relationships – Addiction – Habits/Behaviors – Depression – Performance – Break Throughs Not only in my own life, but my client’s lives as well, I have broken through the walls of homelessness, addiction, divorce, death and loss of immediate family members, total loss of direction and purpose in life… Read More Read more...

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