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Liz Patterson

Listed in Business Coach, Coaches' Directory, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Consultants, Goal Setting, Leadership Coach, Leadership Development, Leadership Development, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Overcoming Obstacles, Performance, Performance Coach, Personal Development, Public Speaking Coach, Relationship Coach, Sales Coach, Sales Trainer, Self-Esteem Coach, Speaker Coach, Workplace Bullying


Birmingham, AL, USA

Description: Training and coaching solutions list:     Administration skills                                                  Assertiveness Anger Management                                                  Appraisals Bullying Awareness                                                  Coaching Commercial awareness                                      Public speaking Change management                                               Communication Confidence building                                                  Company Ambassador Customer care                                                    Customer Focus Dealing with angry customers/ difficult staff           Difficult conversations Dealing with challenging behaviours                  Delegation skills Effective meetings                                                    Emotional Intelligence Equality and Diversity                                               Feedback Focus… Read More Read more...

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