Week 2: Niche, Target Market, Business-Card, Circle of Influence…

 Welcome to Week 2 – a short welcome message from E.G.:

Week 2 Client-Attraction Challenges:

Today we’ll…

    1. Re-Commit to Your Success! Commit daily to spending 2 to 4 hours “in the zone” – focusing 100% on activities that have the potential to get you clients, or sell some of your products
    2. Discover How to Pick a Profitable Niche
    3. Identify a Profitable Target Market (Your Ideal Client)
    4. Create a Client-Attracting / Lead-Generating Business Card
    5. Capitalize on Your Circle of Influence

It might seem like it’s a lost of work… but schedule each different activity for the upcoming days for the times while you are “in the zone” (your 100% productive/client-attraction-focused time).  You’ll find though, that you’ll knock out several of these in a day or two.

Scroll down to read more on each of the above topics…

Challenge #1:
Re-Commit 2 to 4-Hours PER DAY to 100% Client-Attraction and Income Generating Activities

Challenge #2 & #3:

Discover How to Pick a Profitable Niche… and a Profitable Target Market
And More….

Discover Your Perfect Niche 

~ Interview with Niche-Expert, Cindy Schulson ~

Here are the links mentioned in the interview:

Your Niche Journey – From Frustration to Inspiration: www.your-niche-journey.successprinciples101.com 

Package Your Passion with Ease: www.package-your-passion.successprinciples101.com

Attract Your Favorite Clients, Earn More and Make Marketing A Lot Easier!  Download Your FREE  Discover Your Ideal Niche  Kit  here: www.SuccessPrinciples101.com


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When picking a niche,
start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • Do you have prior experience – or extensive knowledge – in this niche? [it does help]
  • Do you have a passion for it?
  • Does your Target Market have a burning problem [?] or burning desire – so “hot” that they are willing to pay to resolve it?
  • Can they afford you?
  • Can you easily reach your target market?


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*- If you are a member of myClientAttractionAcademy.com, check out this resource: How To Identify Your Perfect Target Market (Video & WorkBook)


Want more help with finding your niche? Check out this FREE Resource, from my friend, Niche-Discovery Expert, Cindy Schulson:

Discover Your Ideal Niche

  • You’ll gain access to the step-by-step process I use with my clients and discover:
  • How to find your niche and create a niche marketing strategy that naturally attracts your ideal clients
  • How to identify those who desperately need your products and services…and will gladly pay you for them
  • The 8 criteria of a wildly successful niche
  • Three free ways to research the deepest desires of your target market
  • How to build a targeted and responsive list
  • One simple statement that will instantly set you apart from the competition

Click HERE to download this resource!



Discover Your Niche and Unique Personal Brand


Here Are Some of The Key Things You’ll Discover in the Niche Breakthrough System:

  • The Niche Breakthrough SystemMy special formula for finding your ideal niche.
  • How to overcome your fears about choosing a niche once and for all.
  • The specific questions you must answer to make sure your niche fits you perfectly.
  • How to pinpoint your ideal client, so you know exactly who you want to work with.
  • Specific criteria for evaluating your niche to make sure it will be successful.
  • Simple market research techniques so you can learn everything you need to know about your niche, including how to market to it.
  • My favorite market research tool for pin pointing a hot niche.
  • Easy steps for researching your target market, so you understand them inside and out
  • The simple formula for creating your 30-second “elevator speech”, so you feel confident telling people what you do.
  • How to inspire people to join your list and want to stay in touch with you.
  • The four magical questions you must answer to create a powerful personal brand.
  • How to turn your niche into a personal brand that sells YOU!

Click Here to Get Started:
The Niche Breakthrough System – Discover Your Niche and Unique Personal Brand



Challenge #4:

10 Tips to Creating a Lead-Generating & Client-Attracting Business Card 

(My source: www.VistaPrint.com – not an affiliate link 🙂 )

Let’s explore today something simple, yet a great prospect attraction strategy. It is something that you can take action on today and start seeing results in days from now. If you use this tool right, it is up to your “conversion strategy” on how many of the prospects you attract will convert into paying clients.

I’m sure by now you have a business card (and if you don’t, that’s good for you, at least you can start with a great business card right from the start); just make sure that your business card is more than a piece of paper with your name and other business info on it – make sure that it’s also a Lead-Generation Tool & a Client-Attraction Magnet?

Here are some tips to creating great Client-Attraction Business Cards:

1. Do NOT print your own business card, unless you are a pro

2. Your business card is often a reflection of your professionalism – make sure it screams “I’m a professional”

3. Print your business card on a harder stock (not soft paper stock), and choose the semi-gloss option (or gloss)

4. Use a slogan on the top left, top right, or under your name that is niche-related, such as “Your Conflict-Buster Coach”; “Stress no more!”; “Life-Balance is Only a Call Away…”

5. People do business with people they know, like, and trust… To accomplish part of this, make sure to put a picture on your business card. Having a picture on your business card accomplishes several things, one of the most important being that people will remember you easier even months after you met

6. Let your card address the WIFM of the prospect (What’s In It For Me?) – Design the card in a way that your niche shows more prominently than your name. You want the prospects eyes to see your niche first, which ideally will start the discussion in the right direction (as opposed to having your name out prominently and your niche somewhere in small print – they’ll look for your name on the card anyway, but not necessarily for additional information)

7. Don’t use a PO Box as your address (on your card or on your website!). If possible, use instead a UPS store box address. Personally I do not feel comfortable sharing with the world where I live, so for years (before affording to rent an office) I used a “fancy” address, such as “330 Robert Smalls Parkway, Suite 24” – sounded like I was renting a cool office, when in fact I was only renting a $49 per 6-months box at the UPS store. (

8. Make sure your email address and phone # are on your business card; and if you have an 800 number, put that there too, it makes you look more like a real business. (get an 800# at no cost at http://www.powernetglobal.com – I’ve been using them since ’04; they only charge for the minutes used – my bill has never been higher than $20 and most often it’s under $10)

9. DO NOT LEAVE UNUSED “REAL ESTATE” ON YOUR CARD!!! That is, don’t leave the back of the card blank! In fact, when used properly, the back of your card can be one of your most effective prospect attraction “tool.” Put your irresistible offer on the back of your card, such as “Put Some Magic in Your Relationships! Go to www.CommunicationSkillsMagic.com to download the first chapters of my book! Or… ”l “Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed? Go to www.MyIrresistibleOffer.com to get your 7-Day Transformation eCourse” MAKE YOUR OFFER IRRESISTABLE!!! When your ideal client sees that offer, they should light up and say (or think) “This is exactly what I need!”

10. Capitalize the first letter of each word in your domain names whenever you put them on stationery or in your web copy. For example, www.YourSuccessChecklists.com, www.CommunicationSkillsMagic.com – it is much easier to read and it stands out more.

Here are some pics of my business cards: On top, my latest; then one of my oder cards at the bottom.

E.G. Sebastian, Author, Speaker, Coach - Your Client-Attraction & Retention Specialist

Notice the messages in red, identifying my ideal client, and inviting them to take action…

E.G. Sebastian, Leadership Development Coach/Consultant

This is one of my first cards as a speaker… It’s missing some of the elements, but it still made me stand out…, and memorable.

E.G. Sebastian - Business Card - Author, Speaker, Coach - Behavioral Consultant

As a beginner DiSC trainer, I assumed most people were familiar with DiSC – big mistake — Always formulate your offer as something your ideal client would really want…  Though it was a great start and this card too generated lots of leads (signed up for my offer on the back)

Business Card - E.G. Sebastian, Relationship Coach - America's Peaceful Communication Messenger

My 1st Most Effective Business Card… One that I was proud of AND generated leads and new clients… and book sales

Challenge #5:

Capitalize on Your Circle of Influence!


Let’s explore one of the easiest and often most neglected “method”
– reaching out to the people you know, or your Circle of
Influence … According to some cool experts,
we all know at least 100 people: family members, coworkers,
ex coworkers, friends, friends of friends, ex friends, ex husbands,
ex wives, neighbors, etc., etc, etc….
And not only that you can reach out to them and inform them
of your new  “venture,” but you can also ask them – or even give
them an incentive – to reach out to their circle of influence
– to the people THEY know(plain english: ask for referral 🙂 ).
I used to send out and hand out postcards that’d inform the
person about my new career and offered $250 for anyone they
referred to me and stayed my client for more than 90-days.
I picked 90-days because I used to give 90-days money back
guarantee to all my clients. (you can get some postcards free at
http://www.VistaPrint.com and/or 100 postcards for about
$10 – can’t beat that).
So  here’s your assignment – and don’t you slack off,
I’m watching you
😯  – just do it and enjoy the results:
Make a list of 100 people (or more) who you know pretty
well. Don’t think too much about “Can they afford me?” or
“They’d never hire me”… Just put the word out and you might
be in for a surprise (or not… but you know what happens if you
don’t try? NOTHING!). Besides, you could be
right, maybe they can’t afford you or they’d never hire you,
but they know someone who might.
When I sent out my introduction letters (back in 2003 I
followed my mentor’s instructions and sent out actual letters)
I was surprised that I got hired by one of my daughter’s friend’s
parent – someone who I always saw as very confident and
outspoken. If you asked me to cross out the people from my
list who I was sure would never hire me, she would have
been one of them (but she was very well connected and talkative, so
I was hoping that she’ll know somoene who might need me).
It turned out that she was a control freak and felt overwhelmed
all the time. Boy (or Girl), was I glad that I put her on my list…!

A few things that I must mention about potentially getting results
with this method:

1. Coaching relatives and close friends can be somewhat “dangerous”
– that is, it can spoil the relationship for years to come, so
be careful – coaching by nature is such that people will open
up and share thoughts/challenges/desires/etc. that they’d never
share with others and at times this “sharing” can create some
discomfort later… Also, some family members or friends might not take the
process seriously and make you feel like a failure… either
scenario is not very good, so be careful. I know coaches who
refuse to coach friends and family. I tried, it worked with
some and failed with others. I’ll never try again ; though, it
depends what type of coaching do they need. One of my friends
lost her son (died in a car accident – 15-years-old) – I provided
her with bereavement coaching for more than a year (yes, free),
and as a result she recommended me to others who lost someone;
though I definitely did not want to make a career out of it
– bereavement coaching is not for everyone.
2. You don’t have to write up all the 100 names in one sitting.
Some can do it in one sitting and even enjoy it; for me it was a drag.
So I wrote the names in Excell and used the “arranging them in
ABC order function” (whatever you call that AZ function) and I’d
highlight the people to whom I sent out the letters; then every
day I’d add 10 to 20 more names…
3. Commit to send out 10 postcards per day (or letters
– I prefer postcards with some crazy, funny, or beautiful graphics).
4. If you don’t have strong copy-writing skills, start writing
out the names, but don’t send out anything till we speak
about how to write client-attracting copy.
5. Please do not allow self-doubt, procrastination, analysis-paralysis,
or other “buggs” stop you from completing your “homework”!

Enjoy, and let me know if you found these tips useful.


Got Questions… or Comments?  … or Suggestions?  Post them Below:

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  1. Good day! I simply wish to give you a big thumbs up for the excellent info you have
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  3. If you position yourself properly, spiritual coaching could be a profitable one. The key is to target a market who can afford your services (for example, spiritual coaching for professional women).
    Coaching people with mental illness can be an iffy one for many reasons (unless you call ADD a mental illness and stick with those guys). Some might say that it'd be not ethical to coach this group, as they need someone with Phd to help them (and if you do have a phd, then you are in the green).

  4. If you position yourself properly, spiritual coaching could be a profitable one. The key is to target a market who can afford your services (for example, spiritual coaching for professional women).
    Coaching people with mental illness can be an iffy one for many reasons (unless you call ADD a mental illness and stick with those guys). Some might say that it'd be not ethical to coach this group, as they need someone with Phd to help them (and if you do have a phd, then you are in the green).

  5. I´m between to niches. The first one, Spiritual Coaching and the second one coaching for people with mental illnesses. What do you think?

  6. I´m between to niches. The first is Spiritual Coaching and the second one coaching people with mental illnesses. What do you think?

  7. Just wanted to share that my new biz cards came in and I LOVE them. They a niche specific and the back includes my "irresistible offer"!

  8. EG, I really appreciate the info on business cards…I got the most from that part of your info, though all of it has been very informative. I had some made earlier but now that my target market has shifted slightly I want to make new ones, so I'm really pleased to get them designed with this new info. Thanks!

  9. I have been "in the zone" for a week and 1 day. 2-3 hours of just marketing. I've found it helpful to make a Zone List the evening before. My To Do list to complete during zone time.

  10. Dear E.G.,
    I would like to share some thoughts about my ideal client, niche and target market:

    For whom: professionals (including ex-military), business leaders and solo-preneurs looking for ways forward in their professional and personal lives.
    What: confidence in making right decisions and next steps in their lives and empowering their journey to success.
    How: Using knowledge and principles of classic and modern psychological approaches, and unique innovating techniques that unblock your inner potential.
    Outcomes/benefits: feeling good about themselves, higher quality of life and performance, and success.

    Looking forward to your feedback (and to speaking to you in less than 2 hours at 10:30 Kiev time).
    Many thanks
    Maryna Fomina

  11. Feedback about time management: E.G., thank you so much for giving so generously valuable materials. What I like very much is that you are giving this course in gentle manner with understanding that everybody has his own pace and circumstances. As a result I am not feeling guilty or overwhelmed but feeling very good about my (not perfect) progress.

  12. My feedback about 2 to 4 hours per day commitment to be “in the zone” and 100% focussed: As I am having very hectic time at the moment I was not able to find 2 hours daily. I was concentrating my learning for 5-6 hours at the days when I was free. Very good thing so far – I managed to stay in the zone for that days with short technical breaks.

  13. Dear E.G., I really enjoyed your Week 2 video but I had a problem with very low sound too. I And I also had to concentrate more. Many thanks Maryna.

    1. E-cards are electronic business cards that are used in an online environment. Coaches do so much online and over the phone that I didn't know if it would be effective. I tend to lose it just as much as a physical card. LOL!

  14. EG… I heard you talk about this before about a Client Attraction business card. I just had 500 business cards show up and would hate to reorder, if I can help it. What do you think about getting a stamp and stamping an "irresistible offer" on the back?

  15. the vidoes are great. My question is about how some of the very energetic (?) strategies work in a UK context? Do you, or anyone else doing the challenge have any feedback or comments on this? For instance, in the UK it seems to be unusual to have a photo on your card? Positive vibes x.

  16. Its all pretty great! Font size was good- 1st video was marked private. Somehow sound was very low on the video even though my speakers were at 100%- might be my computer? It just meant that I had to concentrate more! Enjoyed listening to the video. Thanks so much- all very valuable information.

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, I'll take care of the volume in the future videos…

      So… the video was marked private, but you could watch it, right?

      (I marked it private so it doesn't show up on my YouTube feed – but I do have to make sure that you guys can watch it)

  17. I need your INPUT, PLEASE:
    1. Are the videos too large?
    2. Am I using way too big font?
    Or… is all great or close to great as is?

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I just changed the video settings to "Unlisted" – meaning, you can watch it now (but it won't show up in my YouTube list of videos)

  18. Irene, Don’t be afraid to be different. I doubt it that someone will not do business with you because you have your pic on your card. However, I do suspect that more people will remember you, and you might even start a trend… One thing is sure: about 87.49% of people who’ll have your card, will remember exactly who you are (yes, I made up those statistics specially for you 🙂 ).

    I’m originally from Hungary and had a very successful business there. I’ve never seen a card with a picture during my years there (before ’95) – I wish that some US dude inspired me to be different – I would have proudly given out my different card.

    My suggestion: Give it a try – I think you only can gain, and have nothing to loose.

  19. If you can post a JPG of your card here… (what am I talking about – is that possible?)

    You can post the text that you want to put on your card here, and YES, I’d be glad to give you feedback on it.

    I’ll mention this in my next video too – thanks for suggesting it.

  20. 🙂 I love your creative thinking 🙂 Yes, that’s a great idea. Try to get a great looking stamp, and perhaps use dark red or blue ink (whatever matches your card best)

    And… don’t ever order 500 card ever again, or you’ll end up like me with about 20,000 cards collecting dust (I’m an action taker, I don’t over-think things, but that also meant that I ordered cards with a niche that I gave up on quickly, or I had a typo on it… or I learned better card-design strategy and wanted to change… the good news is, in the past 5 years or so, I only printed 3 cards and I’m still using each)

  21. Is that the annoying thing that I got for Christmas 🙂 ? What are people using e-cards for? I’m not familiar with it.

  22. Glad you found it useful – and congrats on taking action to make your marketing piece more effective. (usually, though, it’s good to sleep on it a week or two 🙂 to make sure we don’t change our minds after we submit the order 🙂 )


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