Week 4: The Elevator Pitch(2) & 10 Contacts PER DAY!

Welcome to Week 4!

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How to Create a Client-Attracting Elevator Pitch – the “5-Second” and the “1-Minute” Elevator Pitch

Today we’ll explore one of the most important elements of marketing your coaching business: your elevator pitch:

1. Why you should create a powerful elevator pitch?

2. Explore a simple formula to help you create your powerful elevator pitch.

3. Explore several sample elevator pitches.

How often are you asked “What do you do?” or “What do you do for a living?”

What is your answer? I’m a life coach…? …relationship coach? Yes, that could be a conversation starter or it could lead to an “A’ha, that’s interesting” – end of conversation. Answering with your elevator pitch would a stronger answer, as that often helps you identify if the person you are talking to is a potential prospect or not.  The elevator pitch often generates a conversation around your statement…


An elevator pitch is a statement that can be delivered in the time it takes to chat with someone during an elevator ride; or ten to thirty seconds.  There are of course 1-minute to 2-minute elevator pitches for those times when you see an obvious interest for your service.  We’ll chat about each below…

Your elevator pitch is the powerful tool that will either help you generate more clients or it’s a jumble of words that keeps you yearning for clients…

My first elevator pitch was something along the lines of “I work with individuals who want to transform their dreams into reality” – which basically is not a bad elevator pitch; I even got some free sessions, after all, who doesn’t wish to transform their dreams into reality… But did not get enough business out of those free sessions, as many of my potential clients’ dreams were “bigger than life,” such as wanting to own their own business, but they worked for $10/hour and could not stop working… and had to take care of their kids after work hours. Or wanted to become singers and models; or they were overweight, unhappy, and very lonely and wanted me to help them find a mate… (actually, this client did sign up with me and we had some minor successes – about a year into our coaching she’d joined couple of organizations and got involved in them and even had her eyes on some potential suitors…)

I often find that many coaches – and other professionals, such as consultants, speakers, etc. – either have a weak elevator pitch or some don’t have one at all…

Do you have one? Is it a general one or is it niche-specific?

“I help you get from point A to point B” might sound like a cool elevator pitch to some, but for most prospects it sounds like “Blah, blah, blah… whatever…”

Create a “One-Line” Elevator Pitch (3 to 5-Seconds)

Try to be more specific, including the pain/challenge/strong desire that your target market experiences, for example:

“I help small business owners increase their profits while helping them create more balance and fulfillment in their life.”


“I work with professionals who hate their jobs and are ready to transition into the career of their dream…”


“I work exclusively with realtors, helping them generate more leads and close more deals. I guarantee you sell your property in 30-days, or I don’t get paid” (this is the actual elevator pitch of a realtor I know; and yes, she does end up working for free once in a while, but she has so many clients, that she can afford those “once in while” pro-bono work)

What did you notice in common in the above three elevator pitches?

1. They highlight a pain that they propose to solve (increase profits/create life-balance – most small-business owners struggle with generating enough profits and often spend their lives running their business – or rather “the business runs their lives…”; “Help professionals who hate their jobs…” again, there’s great pain and they are willing to pay to end that pain…; “Help realtors sell in 30-days…” – many realtors struggle to sell their properties for months and at times for years. This coach is a busy coach and usually she delivers on her promise.

2. Each of the elevator pitches are niched: struggling small business owners, professionals who are unhappy with their jobs, and realtors. Some of these niches are broader – small business owners and unhappy professionals – and some are extremely narrow, such as the one who caters to realtors.

As a rule, the narrower the niche and the greater the pain that we propose to solve, the more powerful our elevator pitch can be, as well as the easier we’ll attract clients.

3. Each of the elevator pitches are short and to the point.

You can create a powerful elevator pitch ONLY WHEN you have chosen a specific niche… With that said, I did hear some well crafted general-coaching elevator pitches as well, but they’ll rarely will be as effective as a targetted elevator pitch to a specific niche.

And “niche” does not have to necessarily mean a real narrow segment of the population, though that would help. The word “niche” can mean many things: for example you can help managers deal with overwhelm and become more organized/more effective. This is a pretty broad niche, but one that solves a major pain that’s out there and you can coach managers of small-businesses as well as CEOs; of course, I highly suggest to coach primarily individuals whose pain you understand. If you never worked for a corporation, you might not really understand a CEO’s challenges; and you might have the right tools to coach this individual, but it’s a bit harder to attract them… unless your website is filled with some powerful articles, videos, etc. that shows this CEO that “yes, this coach is exactly what I need – she understands my pain.”

Your elevator pitch is almost like a magical key to new clients.

Have the right “key” and you’ll open the wallet – I mean – the hearts of your prospects to the possibility of hiring you as their coach. So take 30-minutes – or if you need to, take 30-minutes a day just to think about who do you want to serve… and create an elevator pitch that is in sync with that niche.  [if you need help with picking your niche – and you have not downloaded this resource yet – remember there’s a Niche Discovery Worksheet in the Niche Marketing eBook, available on this page: http://yoursuccesschecklists.com/niche — also visit http://sbinfocanada.about.com/od/marketing/g/uniquesellprop.htm for a definition of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – can help you with creating your 1-line elevator pitch]


7-Step formula for creating your elevator pitch

Once you know who you want to serve, here’s a simple 7-Step formula for creating your elevator pitch:

1. I + action verb (help, guide, teach, provide, present, aid, assist, support, give, evaluate, assess) + negative emotions being experienced (frustrated, overwhelmed, clueless, demanding, frightened, desperate, struggling, angry, concerned, worried) + 2. ideal client description (dog lovers, young adults, chronic pain sufferers, overweight wo/men, homeowners, business owners, brides-to-be, new mothers) + who want to (what they want – increase their profits, find the relief they need, become fit and healthy) + 3. solution (discover a process, learn a fast and easy way, create the perfect solution, uncover the best method, determine the number one reason, realize the best course of action, find the dramatic solution, position themselves, place themselves first, find out everything they need to know) + 4. benefits – “so that they can…” (list 3 benefits – live a pain free life, build the business of their dreams, feel they’re getting the most value for the money they pay, receive the highest value, obtain the best guarantee, receive award-winning service, receive the highest level of expertise at the lowest possible price).


“I help frustrated dog lovers who are tired of their dogs ruling their lives discover a simple process that will put the dog owner in charge so that they can finally enjoy greater times with both their pets and with friends and family”

“I help frustrated small business owners who want to develop a marketing program that is affordable and easy to execute and help them implement the exact strategies and tactics they need so that they can instantly generate more leads, attract more clients and generate healthy profits.”

That’s it for today!  I hope you found this useful and hope you got some ideas on how to create – or improve your existing – elevator pitch…

Post your elevator pitch in the Comments box below – let us know what you do…

Once you have your elevator pitch…, now what? 

  • Attend the networking events you already scheduled, and get out there and knock ’em out (I mean, use your elevator pitch – test it out);
  • If you have not scheduled to attend a networking event (which means you slacked off on one of your assigments 🙂 ), do a search for them in your community and neighboring communities, and put them on your planner (find out if there’s a fee / how much / is it open to public? ) Most local newspapers also have a section where they list networking events.
  • Contact 10 peope – ideal pottential clients – and introduce yourself and your services! Don’t be to verbose – keep it short and to the point.
    – Contact linkedin connections (hopefully you invited many ideal clients to connect with you – if not, put that on your planner too — we’ll cover LinkedIn strategies in a few weeks)
    – Contact other social media connections, letting them know about your new direction in career… ask for referral… ofer a referral bonus
    – Contact friends and family
    – Be creative – COMMIT to contacting at least 10 people a day and let them know what you do — if you have an irresistible offer or an upcoming event (teleclass, webinar, live event), let them know where they can sign up for it

If you do this little exercise (Contact 10 ideal clients/day), you’ll start getting clients… today… in a few days… or in a few weeks. 

The Client-Attraction “equation” is pretty simple:

SLFS + FS = $$$s
Someone Looking For Solutions (your ideal client) + Finding the Solution (your coaching services) = Client$ and Prosperous Coaching Business

Once you “absorb” and apply the above formula, you’ll never be without clients ever again… (!)  To apply it effectively, though, you must know who you are serving (target market) and be clear on what you are serving to them / how do you help them / what problems do you help resolve / what major desires you help fulfil (niche).

Right now there are people out there who are struggling and looking for a solution to their problem – if you don’t let them know you exist, you are ripping them off the opportunity to improve their lives. Be nice and don’t let your ideal client struggle… and perhaps hire someone else to solve their needs…  Connect & Collect 🙂

Till next time,

E.G. Sebastian
Your Client-Attraction & Coaching Business-Building Mentor

PS – don’t forget to post your elevator pitch below – both the “one-liner” and the longer one…  and let me know what you think about the “10-connections per day” – do you find it doable?  If not, why not?

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71 responses to “Week 4: The Elevator Pitch(2) & 10 Contacts PER DAY!”

  1. Hi there I would like to post my elevator speech and am very interested in feedback….

    Do you want to feel joyful and peaceful? Are looking to let the “real” you shine? If you say yes to both or either of these questions, then an opportunity might be knocking at your door.

    I am a spiritual life coach that is passionate about helping teens and adults that are struggling to find their true selves, joy, and peace. I desire to partner with them in their journey in advocating healthy life decisions that are comfortable for them, enabling them to find the gifts they already possess, and inspiring them to be the “Who” they want to be so they can live the way they were meant to live.

    “Interesting, tell me more”

    Life isn’t always easy, nor are we easy on ourselves. Our partnership will help foster the changes in life that you want, help you not only see, but feel how much God loves you for you, and put you in more control of your “being” and “living.”

    Ok that is it….again thanks in advance for any feedback.
    If you would like, I would be excited to offer a complimentary session for an hour where we can really explore further the depths of your blessings, graces, and changes you would like to create while envisioning the life that can ultimately be yours.

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  3. I accompany overweight people into the process of redesigning their lifes in order to achieve the final change they are waiting for: healthy mind, healthy feelings, and healthy body.

  4. This is very informative! I am a Grief Coach for children and this has been very helpful!

  5. This is for Tiffinany: Sorry for the delay, but I was looking over posts, and I saw your dilemma. If you have not found anything that resonates with you, I have an idea. I am not very good at picking out the most effective wording myself, but am thinking “revenue”, only because I feel that status addresses the issue of who you are. They are a great coach who wants to increase their revenue. I think that is what you were trying to get across.

  6. Great job. If you drill down even deeper on the 'seriously healthy' you'll connect with your perfect clients even better.

  7. Hi EG,

    Hi EG,

    My elevator pitch:

    I help tired, stressed professionals get seriously healthy, so their they can enjoy life and the fruits of their business.

  8. Hi EG,

    My elevator pitch:

    I help tired, stressed professionals get seriously healthy, so their they can enjoy life and the fruits of their business.

  9. Welcome to the 100-Day challenge Iain! Just stick with it week after week and you'll be fine. I don't think there's such a thing as "late" 🙂

    Question: do your ideal clients know that they are "negative"? Do they want to change that?

    Do you have a website? Share your web address with us…

  10. Hi EG,

    I know I am a little behind everyone else, but I started later! Catching up slowly…

    Here's my elevator pitch:

    I help frustrated and negative people change their thoughts to increase positive attitudes and passion so they can become absolutely the best they can be and live their dreams.

  11. Good job – AND… keep approaching colleges, as many of them have a set budget that they use to bring in speakers. Offer them a few free presentations (but always ask "How much do you have in your budget for this event? " — if they can pay you, by all means, accept it. And if they say we have $1500, don't bargain – accept the fee!

  12. Cool ! I'm not sure about the word "meaningful" at the end… perhaps a more descriptive/stronger word would be more effective…. such as "increased" or some other "quantifying" term…

  13. E.G., part of my 10 contacts has been to contact rotaries, networking groups, and chambers and set up lunch and learns. Many have speakers set up till spring but I'm on the list for spring talks and in case someone cancels. I have the opportunity to speak to 25-35 people in my target market at once.

    I recommend you make 2-3 of your contacts to community colleges, optimist groups, etc. you can get in front of a huge group and they can see you in action! Offer a promotion to those in attendance and same day discounts.

  14. I have been maximizing my elevator pitch over the last few weeks. Here is my latest one. I'm sure in 3 weeks, I will have a new one!

    I help business owners, executives, and leaders build an organization that produces long-term and sustainable growth, leading to meaningful profits.

  15. Hmm…. The default is "Unchecked" – that's how I set up the settings (checked several times yesterday – was trying to save another glitch). Also, checked some other members FB page – I did not see their posts show up there (or they deleted it). This puzzles me a bit… let me do some "research"

  16. Ok
    I help frustrated parents of teens ,who want to improve their relationship, find new ways to reconnect with them so that they can experience a positive , solid relationship with their teens.
    I agree with Tiffany that I also do not feel ready to go for the 10 potential clients a day…

    1. Good start! “I’d suggest replacing “positive, solid relationship” with something more visual. Such as “… so that they can experience a harmonious loving relationship…”

      This, though, is the “minute” elevator pitch (or the longer one), right?

      A short one could be (in reply to “What do you do?”):I help frustrated parents who are tired of constant conflict with their teens eliminate conflict and improve their relationship with their children” or something like that…

      If you are not ready to go for 10 “contacts” – you can do less… The question is, are you ready to serve clients? If yes, there should be no reason why not start practicing your coaching-practice-promoting-skills.

      “10 contacts” can mean many things. For example, send out 10 postcards to friends and family and let them know what you do and ask for a referral (then put it in your CRM to follow up with them in 10 days or so); or go to LinkedIn and connect with ideal clients and tell them briefly what you do (in one paragraph — a.k.a. your elevator pitch), mention any offer you might have on your website (the irresistible offer), and invite them to refer you to anyone who they know that might need your services. Then ask them if you can help them in any way… Or if you know what they need (since they are your ideal client), you can mention some great resource they can use. At this stage, the key is to start developing a relationship – not really to sell your service. But if you keep in touch with (5 to) 10 pottential clients per day, it’s only the law of nature (and business) that you’ll start getting hired really soon (1 day? 1 month? – does it matter? the key is, it’s a strategy that does bring results).

      So… if you are ready, start with 2 or 3 per day. If you are not ready, put it on a flash card, or in your (projects.zoho.com) project planner and start applying it once you are ready for it.

      (I need to come up with some sample messages that you can send out on linkedin to your ideal client – bug me about it and I’ll create it – it shouldn’t take me more than 5 minutes….)

      1. EG., thanks so much for your feedback- it is really helpful.
        Too bad you don’t know Hebrew since i now must work on the wording in in my Hebrew elevator pitch for my target clients….that really would have been awesome!!

  17. Short one- I help project professionals who struggle with the people side of projects – I make the 'soft skills' less hard!

    1. In theory I do like the word play on "soft/hard" at the end; but I'm unsure if it conveys what you want to say. I used to be a project manager (for 3.5 years) and I did not know that I wanted my "soft skills to get less hard.." But I did know that I wanted to become more effective at connecting and communicating with my teams.

    2. Super helpful feedback! So revised (and I shamelessly nick your idea!) it's "I help project professionals get more effective at communicating and connecting with their teams" I like that cos it works across many levels – you could be a project team member, a PM, a programme manager, a PMO manager…….You're a star!

  18. My elevator pitch: I help life coaches who want more clients, get more credibility, online visibility, and the business skills they need to have a profitable business.

    1. Amen to that 🙂

      – The "pain": no clients;

      Solution: help get "credibility, online visibility, and the business skills they need to have a profitable business"

      Great one!

    1. Great elevator pitch.
      Question: if they are "struggling [parents]," do they have funds to invest in a coach? — or are they struggling because they are too busy with their business and struggle with balance between work and home-life?

    2. I meant struggling with managing time and productivity, not financially. That is an important point.
      New pitch:
      I helped stressed out and overworked parents who work from home, find the right balance between parenting and work, without giving up either.

  19. The short one: I help athletes, artists, and fearless females learn how to create and maintain more fulfillment in every area of their lives through self-empowerment.

    1. I love it that you have a pretty clear target market: athletes and artists. What would make it more poweful – in my opinion – if you'd be a bit more specific on what you help them with. "More fulfillment in every are of life…" is a bit vague. "Self-empowerment" is a pretty cool buzz word, but when you target "fearless females," they might not be so interested in "self-empowerment," as they might already exercise their power.

      My suggestion: keep the first part to "athletes and artists," or polish the last part.

      And if you are "fearless," post your (short) elevator pitch in the Coaches' Support Group as well and ask the group's feedback.

      The truth is, I'm not the best judge on how to create the best elevator pitch for each target market. So, if 50 other people say it's cool as it is, who am I to say that it isn't so 🙂

    2. Awesome feedback! I actually took this from the home page of my site b/c I thought it needed help. My original target market was; athletes, artists, and professionals in the spotlight. This is still my ultimate goal (for many reasons but a big one is b/c that's where the big bucks are). But once I got more clear on who I want to build relationships with through blogging, and learning about what they are reading, I switched it. I think this is my gateway to the spotlight. Anyway, it's actually; athletes, artists, and the fearless female! (check my site). I want to attract young women who get excited when they see my title and react with Hey I'm fearless! What do you think?

      I'll will make some adjustments and re-post. And then, I'll repost on the support group!
      p.s. sorry for the long dialogue!

    3. Okay, how about this: I help athletes, artists, and any female who wants to ‘fear less’ and ‘create more’ wealth, health, and happiness in her life.

  20. I'm definitely feeling resistance with the 10 connections per day. I don't feel quite as confident as I'd like in my business building info to be talking to some of the people I'd like to connect with. I don't want to sound like an idiot and lose potential contacts b/c I'm floundering in my words…

    1. Tiffany, you ROCK! I love your frankness 🙂

      No, you don't want to start "flying out the nest" before you are ready, as you can get hurt (and cats or other preditors will eat you 🙂 ).

      If you are in the business-building stage, then you are not really ready to "get out there" and promote your services… HOWEVER, starting with perhaps 3 Contacts/DAY could be a great start and great practice. What do you think about that?

      Post your web address here – let's see how "ready" are you with your web presence (do you use any other cool web platforms, such as Fan Page, etc.?)

    2. E.G. Sebastian I think 1/day may be more realistic for me, at least for the first month. Unless I join BNI (which I am considering), and will probably really boost this number. I feel uncertain about getting referrals b/c coaching is a specialty type thing, and am also uncertain about being able to give referrals b/c I'm not out and about all day, and so many of the people are trade oriented (I sub for my boyfriend a lot so know the group). What do you think?
      p.s. FUnny, i was going to use the little bird metaphor too, but then edited to make the post shorter!

    3. Wow! Great accomplishments… in some beautiful surroundings 🙂

      Do you plan to coach primarily women? If yes, I'd suggest changing that pic on the home page into a powerful woman imaga – an athlete, professional woman, or some other powerful woman image (www.sxc.hu; http://www.DreamsTime.com)

      On your about page, I'd suggest putting a picture of you with your medals and trophies – or several pics — or a slider with several pics… I totally believe that you'll get hired more when your potential clients will see that you are a true accomplisher… It'd raise your credibility and trust factor by a ton.

      We need to talk. I saw your video – you are a confident and accomplished super being. Contacting 3 peeps per day should feel like noting to you 🙂 — Let's talk one day for about 20-minutes – I'd love to coach you through your hesitation… (unless you are still in the building stage and you are not ready for clients [or maybe I mentioned something similar earlier 🙂 ])

    4. (PS – how do you know I'm replying to you — do you get something in the email? I"m still trying to figure out a few things here… thanks for your help!

  21. I guide frustrated athletes, artists, and fearless females who want to gain control of their lives and position themselves to make better decisions, experience more fulfillment, and increase their financial status.

    Not sure about the word 'status'.. Open to feedback on all of it…obviously 🙂 Big Thank You!

    1. I love it!!! Much stronger than the one above. Not only you identify your target market, but you also specify clearly how you help them.

      Personally I don't have a problem with the word "status" – it sounds a bit fancy, but I think it conveys exactly what you want to say (in the context used). I'm curious if anyone has a better suggestion to replace that word…

    2. I'm a bit unsure about the wording "position themselves" — I'm Hungarian (English is my 3rd language), but I think "positioning…" in this context is a tad misused. Other than that I absolutely love it. Hopefully the group will give you some great feedback.

      And… I love long posts… as long as they say something relevant 🙂 So post away whenever you need to express yourself 🙂

    3. Hmm… Ask the group what they think. I don't know if one can "position themselves to…" I could totally be wrong here… and maybe I'm only being nitpicky. It's a powerful elevator pitch, and it conveys what you want to say (I think I'm a bit bugged down with semantics)

  22. I help empty nesters or soon to be empty nesters develop their passion and transition into their amazing new status.

    1. Great One!

      I encourage a little tweak: replace "new status" with something more "visual," such as "into a life of passion and excitment" or some other vivid language – something that your ideal client longs for… (what does your ideal client want to bring into their lives?)

    2. Thanks E.G. Great tweak. Now I will reword it. I empower empty nesters, or soon to be empty nesters to transtion into a life full of passion and excitement, while maintaining a rewarding relationship with their children and spouse.

    3. I love it – that's exactly what I want after my kidos leave the nest. I'll add you to my resource file and contact you in about 15 years (my youngest is 4) 🙂

  23. I help business owners and executives breakthrough the challenges holding their businesses back so they can recapture growth and build long-term and sustainable profits.

    1. What if they never captured growth – how can they "recapture growth"? Or do you work primarily with established businesses who after a bout of success have a decline in business?

      Good start!


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