Week 8: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Your Expert Status – Part 1

Welcome to Week 8!

Watch this video for a short welcome message from E.G. Sebastian… and a few “words of wisdom on How to Become Known as the Go-to-Person (or the “Expert”) in Your Niche:

Coaching Success Strategies: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Your Expert Status – Part 1


Let’s face it, we like our experts: we attend their webinars, watch their videos, we download their free give-aways, and ocasionally attend their highly priced bootcamps, retreats, or buy their multi-thousand dollar home-study courses…

So… If we “love our experts,” it’s probably true that our prospects – our ideal clients – love their experts too… So why not Become Their Expert?  OuvrierNO, you don’t need a doctoral degree or 70-years experience to be perceived as an expert; you simply have to position yourself in a way that your ideal clients perceives you as an expert.

Some ”professionals” maintain that you do not have to be an expert in a topic in order to build a successful coaching (or speaker) practice. While this might be partially true, fact is that most people will hire coaches, consultants, speakers, and other solo-professionals who are perceived as authorities/experts in their field. No one in their sane mind will not spend $500+ per month to get help becoming a highly paid speaker to a coach who never spoke; or $1000+ per month to learn how to market your business to a consultant that you do not perceive as an expert in his/her field…

The word “expert” or the phrase “becoming known as the expert in your niche” should not scare you… The term “Expert” these days is used more loosely than a few decades ago. If you are good at what you do, you are VIEWED as an expert on your topic – and that’s what you should shot for: be PERCEIVED as being really good at what we do.  So… How can we do that?

It takes a little time and some dedication to build an expert status, but the pay-off is well worth the time invested in it.

Here are the 1st Five Coaching Success Strategies that will help you develop your expert status:

1. Consistently publish articles online
Don’t waist your time submitting your article to too many sites. www.eZineArticles.com and www.ArticleBase.comare the two most popular sites with most views. Putting your article on more sites, does not raise your link popularity as it used to in the past [it used to be that the more links went to your site, the higher you were ranked; however, google now sees it that the links come from the same article published multiple times and it will only count it as one link]

2. Consistently (try to) publish articles offline in niched magazines, newsletters, newspaper, etc.
 This is not so easy, but if you can pull this off, this is a great credibility adding factor.  Visit your niche-related magazines and publications’ websites and see what are their article submission guidlines (some publications accept more submissions for their online publication). 

Use http://www.helpareporter.com/ to connect with reporters and get published (or written about) in offline publications.

3. Consistently (try to) publish articles offline in your Local Newspapers – you’ll be surprised to find out that often all it takes is ASK (!)
Contact your local papers and find out if they want to do a story on you… or allow you to publish your article…

With a little luck – and good positioning – you might even end up with getting to publish a weekly column…

4. Start a blog on your niche topic and consistently post valuable info, including industry reports, and other niche-related valuable info

Keep your blog posts short – two or three paragraphs – and loaded with valuable info. You want your reader to want to come back (as well as you should give them an option to subscribe to your blog — I use a plugin called Subscribe2 that helps readers subscribe to my blog posts — simply go to your plugins section and search for Subscribe2)

Also ALWAYS have a Call to Action at the end of most of your blog posts. Invite the reader to download a free offer you have (invite them to subscribe to your irresistible offer); let them know about your free coaching sessions (if you offer that); inform about any products you might have; or invite to watch your youTube videos; or invite your reader to an upcoming teleclass or webinar (make sure to put a redirect to that page after the event is over, or put an opt-in form so your visitor can access the recording of that event).

5. Become a guest-author on other’s blogs!
The blogs that you post to should meet at least these 2 criteria:

– the blog should target your niche (your ideal clients); that is, most of the readers should be individuals who you’d love to have as clients; for example, if you are a small business coach, you’d want to post to blogs  that are read by small-business owners
– the blog should have high traffic – insert the blog url on Google’s FREE Page Rank Checker Tool (PR Checker) site – http://www.PRchecker.info/ (the higher the PR value, the more popular the blog is) or to www.alexa.com– to get an estimate on the blog’s popularity; the number of comments is another easy way to determine if a blog has a decent traffic (no comments, usually = no traffic)

Posting blog posts to other’s blogs, NOT only increases your perception as an expert in your niche, but it also provides backlinks to your site/blog, increasing your ranking in the search engines (see PR checker tool mentioned above to check your site’s/blog’s popularity).  More backlinks to your site from higher PR blogs = higher ranking in search engines.

You can EASILY become a guest blogger by signing up at the cool FREE service (mentioned previously too), at http://BloggerLinkUp.com/ – Become a Guest-Blogger on others’ blogs (gets you in front of new audiences, as well as it helps you get more visibility online); or get others to be guest-bloggers on your blog, so you can take a break once in a while :)

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