About Me

Currently working at www.longwindcoaching.com

I’m an experienced manager with a goal oriented mindset. During the years I have developed my skills in negotiation and leadership during different situations.

The last seventeen years I’ve been working at Ericsson AB and during these years I’ve been working in many different competence areas as manager and/or responsible for specific functions. Production, Quality Management, Environmental Management, Supply Chain Management and customer services are some of the areas I’ve been working within.

Since 1999 I have been chairman and negotiation responsible for Ledarna, the union for Managers, within Ericsson AB in Hudiksvall. I also been involved at cooperate level at Ericsson and that includes negotiation and to be a member of the union board for Ledarna Ericsson. During the period 1999 – 2013 I have experience nine layoffs and one attempt to a factory shutdown. I’m still committed as a board member at Ledarna Teknik & Motor. We are a section within Ledarna for approximately 13 000 members in Sweden and we cover the area of technology and production. In the union I have experience many difficult situations and the key words for these years are trust, negotiation skills and goal oriented.

2014 I expanded my competence to be an ICF professional coach. I believe that all individuals have the competence and the knowledge within themselves to grow and prosper. I love to coach people to find their potential so they can reach their goals and some even their dreams. All people deserves the chance to grow and to do things that give them energy and strength.