About Me

Adi Farber, a leading Israeli Life, Business Coach & a Motivational Speaker.
The creator of the DIB mental coaching method based on the assumption that different is the NEW better.

I strongly believe that people have first to accept their 'different' and turn it into an advantage. Then allowed themselves to do different actions and behaviors to have different & better results. Business and career-wise, we have to find and turn their 'different' into success.

Adi works with private people or Business owners in his studio in TLV, Israel and with foreigners via Skype. Also helping organization leaders and teams achieving long term sustainable change and reach better performances and results.

Adi is also performing in the Israeli media as coaching specializes.

Since 2018 Adi is the Israeli representative of Accumatch, the only Behavior Response (Neuro Patterns) Mapping system available today. Accurate and accelerating tool for companies, business and HR Managers.

A Canadian tech development that active in 15 countries and accurately and science-based uncover the neural-pathways, habits, and behavers: https://assessments.accumatchbi.com/foundation-training/?ref=6

Email me at info@dib.co.il or call now 9725-42321933
For your Behavior Profile, a coaching meeting or for booking a Leadership Public speak/Workshop!