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About Sue Lester – official blurb (Scroll down for the unofficial blurb from Sue)

Sue Lester B.A. Dip.Teach. MNLP. MHypnosis. Master Results Coach

During over 20 years exploring remote areas across the globe, and working in education and social enterprise, the one thing that stood out for Sue Lester is that the only thing really stopping people from moving forward is their mindset. From Cairo to Kathmandu, from London to Washington, from Buenos Aires to Brisbane, Sue found people achieving amazing results despite the odds, and those who didn’t despite their advantages. Sue realised if she helped you change your mindset, you can change your world.

So Sue started her business Growing Content: Smoothing Your Path so she could be a Catalyst of Change, helping people change their mindsets so they can dissolve their boundaries and transform their lives, free from overwhelm and self-doubt. Her Transition Coaching 3 step program Let Go And Grow will give you absolute Clarity, empowering Confidence and unstoppable Motivation. Free from the baggage of the Past you’ll be living fully in the Present, creating that Future you truly desire and deserve right now.

Sue Lester is an author, Head Transition Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis and Speaker. Sue firmly believes in holistic well-being, and the power of the mind-body connection.

Sue developed and runs The Personal Power Transformation, and De-Stress For Success workshops and retreats, plus numerous in-house training programs for a variety of organizations. Topics in demand include ‘Self Leadership’ and ‘Communication With Connection’.

In demand as a guest speaker, Sue also writes regularly for a number of magazines, blogs and forums, and hosted her own weekly radio program Let Go And Grow With Sue Lester. Somewhere in all of that Sue makes time to de-stress herself with bush & beach walks, adventurous travel with her partner Peter, and chocolate.

Sue’s most popular speaking topics are:

"The Face Within: Changing Your Unconscious Blueprint"

"Stop Tripping Over Head Trash on Your Path to Success"

“Ditch the Bitch: Turning Self Sabotage Into Self Motivation.”

“De-Stress For Success: the True Underlying Causes of Stress and Practical Ways to Change.”

“Let Go And Grow: Free Yourself to Thrive in the Present and Create Your Future Now.”

“Talk Yourself Into Success: Changing How You Think and Feel About Public Speaking.”

“Canoeing the Zambezi: How To Stop Zig Zagging Through Life”

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I’m passionate about people, like you and me, living rich and fulfilling lives. What does that mean for you? What makes your heart sing?

I absolutely love adventurous travel, getting down and dirty, especially in culturally different or naturally beautiful areas. My experiences walking across the Simpson Desert with 16 camels, being charged by a Silver Back gorilla in Republic of Congo, dodging hippos while canoeing the Zambezi River, navigating over a high altitude landslide in Nepal, and swimming with sea lions in Galapagos Islands are all part of my story, the song of my heart. When I’m not allowing it, I feel out of sorts, unfulfilled, small and resentful.

As far back as I remember I had planned to explore the world, to teach, and have a family. Along the way I allowed myself to be ambushed by unrequited love which resulted in low self esteem, flowing on to a series of poorly paid high stress jobs, no children and 8 years in an abusive relationship. I also punished myself with Rheumatoid Arthritis and vomiting tension headaches. I became very good at saying yes and no in all the wrong places. Perhaps you can relate to this? All good research which helps me connect with, and better serve now, but seriously, you really don’t need go there yourself! And if you’ve been, or far worse as many have, just know you can leave it behind, just as I did.

Most importantly, I’ve learn't how best to adapt to change, to learn and move on, and the value of self value. We humans are the most amazing creatures, almost unlimited in our ability to adapt, change, grow and evolve. I named my business ‘Growing Content’, because that’s what I wanted for myself as well as you. I realised my purpose is to be a catalyst of change, and allowing that makes my heart sing too.

Know you are worthy. You are enough. You are loved. Everything you need is inside, you just need to learn how to ask, listen and act. I can help you with this part of your journey, to update your unconscious blueprint and smooth your path into growing content.


“The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way in which you use them.” Unknown.