About Me

DeAnna Murphy is an international speaker, author, global leadership development and team effectiveness strategist with over 7,000 hours coaching/facilitating experiential learning programs and helping organizations cultivate high-potential employees. She activates individuals/ leadership teams to effectively leverage strengths to build emotional intelligence, mitigate weaknesses, solve problems, and maximize productivity. She is the president of Strengths Strategy, the leading strengths-based and strengths application organization in the world, and has led their psychometrics and curriculum design teams, including the design of their world-class coach certification program.

Over the past 19 years of developing high potential leaders, training and coaching, DeAnna has developed a stalwart reputation for being a driver of engagement, productivity, and performance, leveraging effective strengths-use as her power-tool. She is focused on talent management strategies which produce measurable results—and has seen client outcomes like these:

o 20% increase engagement (as measured by Gallup’s Q12)
o 90% increase in productivity (as measured by client’s internal metrics)
o 3 years of 30% YOY increase in annual sales
o 13% increase in communication scores—which led to highest reported earnings in 5 years.

DeAnna is an ICF member, with advanced degrees and certifications from Brigham Young University, the Coaches Training Institute, FranklinCovey, and the Gallup organization. She served on Gallup's Strengths Advisory Panel, as well as directed the Strengths Based Leadership Institute. She has led Strengths Strategy through nine consecutive quarters of 20% quarter-over-quarter growth, with strategic partnerships developing in 16 different countries. She will be releasing her first book in 2015, as well as publishing the statistically significant findings of her psychometrics team around the effective application of strengths as a driver of performance.