Everyone wants to engage in activities they enjoy that have purpose and heart for them. At times the realities of life get in the way of being who you always wanted to be. Smile, it is never too late to start again! By following these 5 steps you can dare to dream again; reignite your passion for your work; and start living your life with a renewed sense of purpose.

1. Accept Yourself

Accept that where you are right here, right now is exactly where you needed to be in order to become the person you were designed to become. You are a marvelous creation with a specific and unique purpose that only you can fulfill. Where you are now may not be where you thought you would be or where you wanted to be at this point in your life. Your present experience is where you needed to be in order to propel you toward the person you are meant to become. Remember the key is to accept yourself in this place right now and appreciate the process.

2. Give Yourself Permission Dream Again

You once dreamed BIG dreams and had high expectations for your life and your life’s work. You may have once believed that there was a special calling on your life. Dreaming can be very difficult especially if you have experienced repeated failures. Remember that the people that fail the most often experience the greatest successes. Trials are only failures if you learn nothing from them and/or you let them defeat you. Don’t let failure defeat you, instead look for the learning opportunity in each perceived failure. CHOOSE to fail forward and upward instead of choosing to give up on your dreams.

3. See a New Vision for Yourself

You will not achieve what you do not see yourself doing. If that dream you had was to write a book, have a successful business, or create a peaceful oasis for your family than envision yourself doing that. Spend some time sitting quietly and envisioning yourself joyfully achieving it. Imagine yourself with everything and everyone you once dreamed. Dare to see yourself experiencing everything you wanted to receive out of life. Imagine your ideal day. Allow yourself to feel how wonderful it feels to be in that amazing moment of fulfillment and joy.

4. Write Your Vision

Get it down in a readily accessible form where your eyes can perceive it. You may want to make Vision Review a daily part of your routine. You can place your vision anywhere you are going to see it regularly. It could be a picture that encapsulates your theme for the year. It can be posted on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. It could be the screen saver on your computer, tablet, or phone. There are so many ways of capturing your vision including mind mapping, vision boards, mind movies, or a video of yourself describing your vision. Use whatever works for you and energizes you! Keep it close to your heart and in front of your eyes.

5. Take Action

Be bold and accountable to another action taker. Choose to take strong decisive action that propels you forward. That action can be to form a habit of writing, hire a coach, join a gym, or take a new class. Whatever action you decide to take, make a plan and stick to it. Get into an accountability group or mastermind. Practice keeping your word to yourself. Just as faith without works is dead, goals without actions are fruitless.


Beth Gayden, M.Ed. is the founder of Fulfilling Your Purpose Publishing and Coaching. She supports coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners in their writing journey as they transform the lives of others with their unique messages. Through the Finish F.A.S.T program’s VIP days, workshops, group and private coaching experts learn to write their books with greater clarity and less stress so they can help more people. She is dedicated to helping both aspiring and established writers to fulfill their purpose through the assistance of book publication. Get your complimentary download of 10 Essentials for Writing Your Book F.A.S.T! at www.fyppub.com.

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