What to Expect When You Ask for What You Want

Four Steps to Attracting More Success in 2017 By GAIL GEOGHEGAN, Personal Life Coach No matter where you are on life’s journey, regardless of wealth, power, race, religion, age, or gender, at some point you will have to ask for what you want. Perhaps you are wanting to ask for a promotion, a date, a kindness, respect, love, a turn, forgiveness, affection, understanding, compassion, just to name a few. It is a necessary expansion of our growth. When it comes time to ask for what you want, take these ideas into consideration: (more…)
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Manage Your Emotions and Achieve Your Goals

Why do some people mange to achieve their goals while others don't even come close...? There are many factors involved in goal setting, and goal achieving, but I would like to discuss one less known factor: your emotional state Imagine that you have decided to go on a diet. You have written out your goal clearly. You know how much weight you want to lose, and you have your plan worked out .Your daily eating schedule, and fitness routine are all mapped out to ensure that you lose that weight. (more…)
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