What to Expect When You Ask for What You Want


Four Steps to Attracting More Success in 2017
By GAIL GEOGHEGAN, Personal Life Coach

No matter where you are on life’s journey, regardless of wealth, power, race, religion, age, or gender, at some point you will have to ask for what you want. Perhaps you are wanting to ask for a promotion, a date, a kindness, respect, love, a turn, forgiveness, affection, understanding, compassion, just to name a few. It is a necessary expansion of our growth.

When it comes time to ask for what you want, take these ideas into consideration:

#1 Choice

#2 Believe

#3 Be Fearless

#4 Don’t Get Attached to the Outcome

1. Choice – When asking for what you want be conscious that you are making a choice. It isn’t always an easy choice, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Making choices, any choices, puts you in charge. This is your life. You must commit to this choice. You must see it through.

2. Believe – You cannot commit if you don’t believe you are worthy. You must believe you deserve. Stop listening to old voices telling you that you won’t succeed. Believe you deserve with your whole heart and you will be supported, for that is how the universe works.

3. Be Fearless – Ask for what you want without fear. Fear will rear it’s ugly head! What if people think I am pushy? What if I get turned down? I tried before and failed, etc. Pushing away fear or quieting its noise is a skill you must develop to keep moving forward.

4. Don’t Get Attached to the Outcome – Sometimes when you ask for what you want you often receive a challenge. You are told “no”. Keep in mind that you never know what that “no” means. It may mean that you are going in the wrong direction. It may mean the timing is not right. Perhaps you are being tested to see if you really believe in yourself. There could be many reasons. We usually wind up seeing them down the road when we look back. That is why we cannot get attached to the outcome of our efforts. The efforts themselves are building blocks for us. You must just keep moving forward.

If you are still not sure it’s the right time to ask for what you want, consider this:

Which is more frightening?                                                                              

Staying stuck in the place you are? OR Going for IT?

What will YOU ask for in 2017? Let me know what u think…
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Gail Geoghegan is an accomplished  Personal Life Coach, and founder of the successful program , “You Have A Choice” for victims  of domestic violence shelters. Visit her (and Like her) on her FaceBook Fan Page – Click HERE!
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