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I hope you are keeping up with your 100-Days Client-Attaction commitment…  The key is to keep at it daily; and if you invested in someone’s marketing or business-building program, inplement that; or work on the 90-Days Blueprint (if you don’t have it, let me know, I’ll [re-]send it to you).

I want to provide you an incentive to stay the course of the 100-Days challenge. I want to see you succeed and I want to feel part of your success-journey. So I came up with a li’l somethin’ to keep you engaged, while also allowing me to feel like I’m part of your success journey…

I want to give away 5 F.R.EE client-attraction/coaching-business building Mentoring Sessions* to one of the 100-Days Client-Attraction Challenge participant (Pluss a Few More Incentives… Read on…)

* – The mentoring sessions would be recorded and might be shared with other participants

* – You can use the 5 sessions anytime within 2-months

* – READ ON to see  if it is you who’ll get the 5 sessions

Comments Contest

I want to encourage your participation in the 100-Days challenge; and the best way I can do that is by encouraging you to post comments about your progress, ask questions, AND comment to support others.  And to give you a little boost, I decided to have a Comments Contest (though, I’m opened to other suggestions too on how to help you help yourself more effectively).

Here it goes:

1st Prize: Get 5 Complimentary Coaching/Mentoring Sessions

•  You’ll get 5 points for every comment you      post (question, commenting on someone else’s post, suggestion or      feedback).

• Your comment must be more than 5 words and related to that days topic or      assignment (“Great stuff,” “Loved it!” and other short      comments are welcome, but are excluded from the contest)

• Whoever posts most comments between NOW AND WEEK 6, will get the 5 F.R.EE Mentoring/Coaching Sessions

• Anyone who reaches at least 100 POINTS  (20 comments) will get the recording of the 5 mentoring sessions

* Comments MUST BE SPREAD OUT throughout the first 6 Weeks of the challenge

2nd Prize: I’ll Build You  a Landing Page (or WordPress-Based Website)

• This could be you, if you have the 2nd most comments between now and Week 6

• I’ll build you the landing page, but you’ll have to provide me with the URL and the content

• I’ll help you chose a URL that almost automatically will show up on 1st page of google for keywords searched by      your ideal client

• I’ll help you polish your copy as well as I’ll help you with images and graphics

3rd Prize: I’ll create a cool Promo Video for your coaching business that you can put on your website and wherever else you’d like.

• This could be you if you have the 3rd most comments in the first 6-Weeks of the Client-Attraction Challenge

More contests to come after week 6, when you’ll be able to win:

  • An Interview – I interview you on your coaching business and share it with my      list of 10,000+

• I’ll help you create your 1st (or next) product (brainstorm ideas and give you      step-by-step instructions on how to make it happen in 30 to 90-Days)

• I’ll help you get started on your 1st (or next) book and show you how to      publish it on amazon

• Personally create your Profile Page, here on and provide you      suggestions on how to make it most appealing to your ideal clients…. and I’ll add to it a lead-generation “tool” (an opt-in box – or a link to your landing page or one of your offers)

•a nd      more… (what would you like to win? – let me know and I’ll make it one of the prizes)

 That’s it for now 🙂 – I hope you’ll find these incentives powerful enough to spur you to action.

I hope you think of yourself as a Winner and you’ll do your best throughout the 100-days challenge.  If the contest motivates you to be more involved and more active, I’m thrilled. If you dislike contests, please disregard all this, but still stick it out with us for the next 80+ Days left…

The 100-Days Challenge is primarily about developing habits that will keep you focused daily on Attracting Clients and on other Income Generating Activities (product creation, membership site creation, publishing a book, group coaching, etc.)  If you find the weekly tutorials and articles helpful, those are just bonuses – the true gain from the 100-days challenge is developing a new habit (staying “in the zone” daily and marketing your coaching services).

It’d be great to see your comments/questions/etc. in the Comments Section; but even if I don’t see you there, BUT you keep on coming back and you keep moving towards your goals, I’ll be still happy for you (invisibly happy 🙂 ).

So, let’s have some fun – let’s get down to work! (nope – not an oxymoron – this should be fun 🙂 ) I hope you’ll decide to participate in our “little” contest …  You can post on any of the Weekly Challenge pages; or on the !Todays Action…! page (Click Here!)… or on this page…

I’m looking forward to reading your posts and connecting with you 🙂

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  1. I love a challenge! but that's not all – I really appreciate the value and strong content that I already get from here!

  2. You're great E.G Always actionable and instructive postings.

    I am checking out that FREE software boy do I need to get organized. I'm so disorganized I don't know where I'll find time to get organized 🙂



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