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Precious Stones LifeCoach for Women – Dianne McKim

Listed in Career Coach, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Goal Setting, Inspiration, Life Coach, Life-Style Coach, Motivational Coach, Overcoming Obstacles, Personal Development, Self-Esteem Coach, Spiritual Coach, Success, Transition Coach

Orangeburg NY

Description: If you are looking for a Caring, Compassionate and Experienced woman to help you Heal, Grow and Overcome the challenges you are facing due to low self-esteem, confidence issues, limiting beliefs, career situations, separation or divorce, family issues, single motherhood, or work/life balance, then look no further. You don’t have to continue feeling overwhelmed by life, being unable to determine… Read More Read more...

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Life & Career Development Coach

Listed in Career Coach


Whitehaven Road, Hazeldene

Description: Are you in your dream job? OR Does your job leave you feeling bored, drained, and mentally unstimulated? I teach career women [and men] who feel stuck, unfulfilled,unmotivated or unhappy in their career to reignite their passion for life. As as result of our work together you will be empowered, encourage and inspired to rediscover… Read More Read more...

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Springfield Wellness Center

Listed in Alcohol & Drug Addiction

(225) 395-8222  

32900 Pitcher Rd, Springfield,Louisiana

Description: Springfield Wellness Center help people to get relief and treatment for their addictions.We are a certified mental health clinic providing traditional psychotherapy and nutritional intravenous BR+ NAD detox treatment in a safe and caring environment.Our medical detox program can provide the most comprehensive and supportive environment during all stages of alcohol withdrawal and detox. Read more...

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Dr. Dan at Relationship Renovation Blueprint

Listed in Relationship Coach


1401 Riverbluff Dr. , Hastings, MN USA

Description: Dr Dan Thomason has been helping couples with their relationships for 26 years. Over these years he has recieved training from industry leaders, completed his doctoral dissertation on the subject of marital therapy, published writings on the subject, and now he has pulled together the best of all approaches, and created the Relationship Renovation Blueprint. Visit my… Read More Read more...

Patrick Streppel, Coach, Speaker and Author

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Patrick Streppel – Coach, Speaker and Author

Listed in Fitness Coach, Inspiration, Life Coach, Life-Style Coach, Motivational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Nutrition Coach, Overcoming Obstacles, Performance, Performance Coach, Personal Development, Self-Esteem Coach


3526 Singleton Avenue, London, Ontario, Canada

Description: Who I am, what I believe and what I do. I am a coach, speaker and author, dedicated to supporting people after forty who want to stay in control of their lives to feel, look and perform at their best, all day, every day. I strongly believe that there is no such thing as an… Read More Read more...

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Blue Copper Coaching

Listed in Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Personal Development, Self-Esteem Coach


North Carolina

Description: Blue Copper Coaching provides women a way to find their voice. Too often we as women are taught to stifle ourselves, not to “brag”, not to speak up, not to rock the boat, not to make waves, not to test authority, not to be different. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Can you… Read More Read more...

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Breakthrough Blueprint

Listed in Life Coach, Personal Development, Relationship Coach, Self-Esteem Coach, Transition Coach


Unit 6 7 Epping Road Epping NSW Australia

Description: Do you want to stop smoking and build more confidence? Do you want to be in control of your body and achieve your ideal weight? Do you want to improve your performance by reducing stress, being more mindful and focused everyday? IN THIS ENGINEERED COACHING COURSE, we will work together to achieve that. FIVE POWERFUL… Read More Read more...

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Personal Development Coach

Listed in Career Coach, Leadership Coach, Leadership Development, Life Coach


Fenerbahce Mh. Tevfik Pasa Sk. 15/15 Kalamis Istanbul Turkey

Description: With about 15 years of business experience as a sales and marketing leader at several FMCG companies, I led several teams at different levels. I believe that living the life that we want is valid in every area of our lives and is not a product of circumstances but is the product of our authenticity.… Read More Read more...

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Paul Silva Coaching

Listed in Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Keynote Speakers & Workshop Presenters, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Overcoming Obstacles, Self-Esteem Coach, Transition Coach


526 Pape Ave

Description: I am a life and personal development coach. I work primarily with hospitality professionals who either want to reignite the passion for their career or who want to carve out a new and exciting path in their lives. I work with those who want to love the life they have and to transition onto different… Read More Read more...

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Outrageously Happy Relationships by Kavita J Patel

Listed in Life Coach, Relationship Coach


67 E 3rd St, New York City, NY, 10003, USA

Description: My name is Kavita J Patel and I am a relationship, love, and dating coach. Through my program The Parent Work™, I help my clients transform relationships with their families and partners. I created the program after years of research and deep study of Eastern philosophy. The program is based on the premise that a… Read More Read more...

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