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ABOUND Wellness Coaching

Listed in Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Performance Coach, Personal Development, Spiritual Coach


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Description: Gina’s spirited and dynamic character will capture you. Her thought provoking and relevant questions, mindful and perceptive responses and her artistic and creative methodology will pull out of you, your own inner reflexes and inspire and encourage you to realize your goals, dreams and desires. Carefully and intentionally she will facilitate your imaginings to emerge… Read More Read more...

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Achieve Counselling & Coaching | Jessamine Gibb

Listed in Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Career Development, Coaches' Directory, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Goal Setting, Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Personal Development, Self-Esteem Coach, Sex Education, Transition Coach

Hobart, Tasmania but serving the world via Skype and chat coaching

Description: Jessamine Gibb runs Achieve Counselling & Coaching which provides Career Counselling, Life Coaching, Résumé Writing and LinkedIn Profile Creation. She has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology and is an Associate Member of the Career Development Association of Australia, Counselling Tasmania Incorporated and Recovery Coaches International. She has many years hands-on experience in Case… Read More Read more...

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Addictions Coach

Listed in Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Coaches' Directory, Life Coach, Self-Esteem Coach, Therapists & Counselors


Prescott, AZ, USA

Description: Addictions Coach providing life-transforming coaching for addicts and their families. Non-12-step and non-religious. Created my D.E.S.T.I.N.Y. Method which helps you identify the underlying issues you are escaping from, how to discover your passion in life and build an awesome future focused on it, and how to change your beliefs in order to make permanent change.… Read More Read more...

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Adoption Coach

Listed in Coaches' Directory, Parenting Coach (Teens), Relationship Coach


4725 17th Ave. S.

Description: Do you or your family feel tired, stuck in chaos and ready to throw in the towel? Adoptive families may face unique challenges that require a supportive professional who has personal and professional knowledge of attachment adaptations, trauma responses, anxiety, grief, and the adoption circle. As a parent of three, all adopted transracially, I have… Read More Read more...

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Advance Coaching NW Limited

Listed in Business Coach, Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Parenting Coach (Teens), Relationship Coach, Transition Coach


143 Pitville Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside L18 7JH, UK

Description: I love working with people and I love to see them develop to their full potential. Everyone has talent and have their own special gift that makes them unique from other people. This comes in the form of being able to Lead and Manage people and situations; developing business, public speaking; caring for other and… Read More Read more...

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Affordable Web Development & Custom Design Company in Toronto

Listed in Web-Design


171 Minglehaze Drive Toronto Ontario M9V4W7 Canada

Description: The demand for custom Website Development & Design in Toronto is increasing gradually in the market. The importance of custom web design has a great importance in the market. Veecode is an affordable web development & custom web design company in Toronto. The main goal of our company is to provide the excellent services to… Read More Read more...

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All Soulful Entpreneurs: Turn Your Business Into An Inspiring Online Marketing Machine

Listed in Business Coach, Client-Attraction Coach, Marketing, Marketing Coach, Speaker Coach, Transition Coach


Richmond, Va

Description: What I have to offer is not just about “Marketing”. It’s about YOU, Your Life, Your Passion, Your Business, Why you do what you do. This is where my talent and expertise comes in. My distinctive brand of marketing is unique and not a cookie cutter approach. No two businesses are alike–, every business is… Read More Read more...

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Amy Pruitt – the Key Change Coach

Listed in Coaches' Directory, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Creativity Coach, Goal Setting, Inspiration, Keynote Speakers & Workshop Presenters, Life Coach, Life-Style Coach, Motivational Coach, Overcoming Obstacles, Performance, Performance Coach, Personal Development, Self-Esteem Coach

Durham, NC, USA

Description: Are you a non-9-to-5er? Have you figured out that the traditional [career] route is never going to work for you? Are you so sure that there’s something more out there—that your life is going to be about something more—that you’re willing to forgo the safety and security a more structured life can provide for the… Read More Read more...

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An Infinite Abundance Of Wealth, Health, & Happiness

Listed in Business Coach, Motivational Coach, Personal Development, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach


96 Tredeau Street, Hartford, CT 06114, USA

Description: I offer three types of plans. The first plan are for small businesses, self employers, and solopreneurs. My Strategic Attraction Business Plan packages are built to get you and your business refreshed- if you are uninspired, unmotivated, not feeling well, negative thinking, struggling to keep afloat, running around chasing down prospective clients and customers, feel… Read More Read more...

Personal Development Coaching for Women

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ANDi Coaching – A New Direction Coaching

Listed in Coaches' Directory, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Personal Development, Self-Esteem Coach, Transition Coach


Yokneam, Israel

Description: I help midlife women and young moms feeling stuck or overwhelmed live with more meaning, purpose, clarity and direction resulting in lasting life changes! I’m a Certified Professional Life Coach and Mentor, as well as a midlife woman and empty nester mom and I myself have gone through those emotions and feelings mentioned above. I… Read More Read more...

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Andrew Garrett Coaching

Listed in Business Coach, Sales Coach


177 Chelsea Dr, Shreveport LA 71105

Description: I am a sales and business coach. I specialize in increasing sales conversions for entrepreneurs who feel nervous asking for money. Entrepreneurs, healers, consultants, small business owners, and sales professionals come to me when they… • Secretly dread the sales conversations scheduled on their calendars • Don’t have a solid sales script or strategy •… Read More Read more...

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Angela Johnson, Career Transition Coach for Women

Listed in Career Coach, Career Development, Coaches' Directory, Goal Setting, Inspiration, Life Coach, Overcoming Obstacles, Personal Development, Spiritual Coach, Transition Coach

(855) 818-6276

Coaching is conducted via Skype.

Description: Are you a career woman who feels stuck, unfulfilled, or unhappy in your job? Does your job leave you feeling anxious, bored, or mentally and emotionally drained? Do you want to do meaningful work that you LOVE, but aren’t quite sure what your DREAM career is, or what next steps to take? As a Career… Read More Read more...

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