Do you or your family feel tired, stuck in chaos and ready to throw in the towel? Adoptive families may face unique challenges that require a supportive professional who has personal and professional knowledge of attachment adaptations, trauma responses, anxiety, grief, and the adoption circle. As a parent of three, all adopted transracially, I have faced both the joy and struggle of parenting. When working with you, I will bring my personal and professional experience using a sensitive, non-judgmental approach as I help you find renewed hope and joy for yourself and your family.
As a certified performance coach, I see you and your family as complete and capable while needing support, understanding, and options. Building on your strengths, I help you create strategies, develop unique skills, and establish clear goals so you can calm the chaos, reclaim your family…and yourself.
Often, the stress of family life makes it difficult for adoptive families to schedule appointments during typical hours or travel far to an office session. Recognizing this need, I meet with clients at various times and places ( homes, coffee shops, or over-the-phone). Call for a free consultation.


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