How do you feel when you think about work? Does it fill you with a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and pride? Or…not so much?

How you feel about work impacts your effectiveness- in your job search, in your career progression, and in your ambitions.

If work really isn’t “working” for you, you’re likely not getting the results you want or feeling the satisfaction you thought you would. In the short term, this doesn’t feel very good. Over longer periods of time, this can turn into burnout, dissatisfaction, depression, and a decreased sense of self-worth as well as a lack of performance in your job.

If you are thinking it’s time for a change, I can help.

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How? I work with YOU to consider your unique situation and needs. I’ll help you fully define your “whats”, “hows” and “whys”, as well as identify what part of your career is working for you, what needs to change, and what outcomes can be anticipated.

Together, we define what a successful outcome looks like for you and build your sense of PURPOSE and VALUE (and I promise, we’re going to have fun while doing it!)

Once that work is done, we will create an action plan to help you feel confident in moving forward with your career to achieve the goals and walk the path to success.

What can this look like?
– Receiving responses from your resume and interviews
– Improved leadership skills and effectiveness
– Being able to speak confidently about yourself and your work
– Getting work that is flexible to your individual needs (family, illness, relocation, etc)
– Changing or altering your career path to a new job or starting a business

Sounds good? It absolutely is 🙂

Your next step is to book a free 30-minute consultation to make sure we’re a good fit!

What can you expect?
– I like to be helpful. Connect with me to see frequent tips and inspirational content on your feed
– Sessions with me are a safe space to be your authentic self (it’s actually really important that you are)
– Helping people succeed and grow is my passion – I love what I do.
– Who do I work with? Professional who are seeking CHANGE and are unafraid of CHALLENGE
– I’m very proud that you are making this investment in your career and yourself. I try to be as flexible as possible with meeting frequency and cost to accommodate you.
– You’re part of my tribe as soon as we decide to work together. Don’t be surprised if I send you to job leads, helpful content, check-ins between our session to keep in touch and keep you motivated


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