I am a sales and business coach. I specialize in increasing sales conversions for entrepreneurs who feel nervous asking for money.

Entrepreneurs, healers, consultants, small business owners, and sales professionals come to me when they…

• Secretly dread the sales conversations scheduled on their calendars
• Don’t have a solid sales script or strategy
• Choke up when asking for money at the end of a good call and don’t know why
• Want to stop procrastinating when it comes to proactively attracting new business
• Feel sick of being anxious all the time about their business
• Don’t know what to say when asked “So what do you do?”​

I provide sales coaching to entrepreneurs that eliminates the root causes of your sales challenges and gives you the tools to succeed. Clients love me because my approach is very different from what you normally find…

1. I work with a small handful of the right people 1-on-1 in order to give them my full energy and attention.
2. I’ve actually sold more than just coaching. I presold $8K worth of software that didn’t exist yet.
3. Even though I’m a confident salesman now, I know what it’s like to be nervous and insecure when it comes to asking for money and thinking you don’t deserve much. That’s why I love what I do.
4. I’m not afraid to get into the details and work with you.
5. I will speak the uncomfortable truth if it helps you reach your goals.
6. Unlike many that only eliminate surface level limiting beliefs, I am trained in the only scientifically validated method that finds and permanently eliminates the core limiting beliefs that truly hold people back from sales success.

Curious to see if or how I can help you?

➨➨ Go to andrew-garrett.com to apply for your free 60 minute Aligned Sales Breakthrough Session where I will help you:

• Clarify your vision for your business
• Uncover hidden challenges
• Leave the call inspired

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