Welcome! My name is Paula Quinsee and I’m glad you’re here!

I have excellent training and experience as a Coach and Mentor, but I think just as importantly, I have had my own personal and relationship challenges, just like you. It makes sense to combine my professional training with my own personal struggles, so I can provide compassionate, insightful and useful mentoring support and coaching. My professional training was as useful to me, personally, as it will be too you! You could say that I ‘get it’.

As a Relationship Wellness Coach, I offer people the knowledge, tools and skills to create quality relationships in their personal and professional lives. This includes the relationship you have with yourself! I work with people on all levels:

– Personal Relationship – self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, how to cancel negative self-talk
– Partner Relationships – pre-marital courses, relationship/marriage issues, post-divorce/break-up situations and family issues
– Social Relationships – social interactions, people skills and EQ skills
– Groups and Organisational Relationships – inter/intra-personal skills, EQ skills, team/people dynamics

I also offer coaching packages and workshops to suit your personal or corporate needs:

– One-on-one Coaching (face-to-face or skype)
– Group Coaching
– Workshops ranging from 3hrs to 2 days
– Group Talks

As a competitive athlete and adventure seeker, I know from experience what it takes to set goals, overcome obstacles and achieve success! Drawing on my athletic training and experience, I really enjoy sharing what I have learned and providing mentoring for individuals and groups in:

– Goal setting
– Action plans/overcoming obstacles
– Motivation and inspiration

Everyone faces major hurdles in their life. That’s when you need a little help. Together we will find ways to empower you with knowledge; build the right tools and skills; and create quality relationships in your personal and professional lives, including the one with yourself!

I share my training, my experience, my energy and my compassion as we walk forward together, creating new solutions, new ideas and new directions.


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