Do you want to stop smoking and build more confidence?

Do you want to be in control of your body and achieve your ideal weight?

Do you want to improve your performance by reducing stress, being more mindful and focused everyday?

IN THIS ENGINEERED COACHING COURSE, we will work together to achieve that.


Discover how hypnotherapy can work for you

Discover how to bring back your motivation to transform your life in 60seconds

Discover the power of nudge and postive affirmation

Discover how conscious hypnosis works and how you are fully aware of what is happening.

All these for just $1500.

This includes:

Unlimited email and chat support

Phone support every weekend



Fun Assignments

Change can never been this fulfilling!

To book a discovery session, kindly email me at

I look forward to work with you.

The discovery session is free. No commitments, no hard sell, just an authentic conversation on how I can help you.



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