I offer qualified and personalized consulting, coaching and mental training for individuals, athletes, managers and other key employees.

I am Lambent Certified International Coach by International coaching Community (ICC)

Coaching is about getting people to perform and feel better. As a coach, I help you find your motivations and to define the desired results so that you get the maximum out of your inherent potential.

I have tools on how to put the focus on what you want to achieve in life instead of what you think is possible to reach. You take control and realize that you can create your own future.

Executive Coaching is effective in such situations of change, downsizing, business coaching is a very effective tool to work on an individual level. The best heads together create the best conditions for its development.

Mental training is about choosing targets for the future, to believe in themselves and make best use of their inherent resources.

Change and renewal are the conditions that we constantly live in. In this lies a desire for improvement, whether it be for yourself as an individual or a company. The aim, attitude and how expectations looks is crucial to the outcome. Success or failure?

I use , NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and mental training.

Lectures and inspiration days for mental training
Do you want
• know more about what we can accomplish by programming our amazing brain
• have an inspiring kick-off for employees
Theory combined with very practical exercises. A fun day on the job promised!

Coaching distance
I use me preferably by Skype. Phone and email are complementary. You coached at your convenience regardless of the geographic location you are at. Distance Coaching also works well as a complement to physical meetings.


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