Barb Zeigler, MBA is an experienced business consultant and coach. She helps solo coaches get the information they need to be the coach they trained to be.

She knows coach training wasn’t designed to teach you the basic skills to be a successful self-employed coach. Like colleges, they taught you to be an employee.

Join the other coaches who have learned to set their fees based on what they need for a salary, and to pay their expenses and taxes, etc. You can be one of the confident coaches who knows how to be a successful solo coach in addition to being a great coach.

One of the wonderful things about learning the business side of being a solo coach is that it is easier and more interesting than you think. Why? Because it’s the missing piece. It gives you the freedom to do what you love – what you studied and trained for. Adding this knowledge makes marketing and having clients that appreciate what you have to offer a lot easier.


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