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Kenn Schroder – Web Designer & Coach – Coaching Sites That Work

Listed in Business Coach, Client-Attraction Coach, Coaches' Mentor, Marketing Coach

+1 347-410-9800

Seaford, NY, USA

Description: Hi. I’m Kenn Schroder, web designer for coaches. My clients are executive, leadership, business, career, health and personal coaches who want to build their credibility, attract ideal clients, and grow their income. In 2001, I left my comfy corporate job to pursue my childhood passion of “creating on computers” as a web designer. I’ve been… Read More Read more...

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Coach Carol Leek

Listed in Business Coach, Coaches' Mentor, Coaching Practice-Builder Mentor, Life Coach


Portland Oregon

Description: “I help new coaches gain clarity, build confidence, and conquer fears, so that they can take action and start making money, even if it’s overwhelming and seems impossible.” The Coaching process may come naturally and easily to most of us coaches, but sometimes the business part can be a bit overwhelming and cause us to… Read More Read more...

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MBI Certified Coach/Equus Coach

Listed in Coaches' Mentor, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Personal Development, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach


Description: Still trying to fit in? Are you trying to fit your round self into a square hole? Your friends on facebook have a much better life than you, right? They have an awsome job, and you are on the bosses shame list? They have happy relationships and you are in a warzone? They just lost… Read More Read more...

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