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Coach Kenyatte – Executive State-Of-Mind Coach

Listed in Business Coach, Career Development, Coaching Practice-Builder Mentor, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Consultants, Creativity Coach, Goal Setting, Inspiration, Leadership Coach, Leadership Development, Life Coach, Life-Style Coach, Marketing Coach, Motivational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Overcoming Obstacles, Parenting Coach (Teens), Personal Development, Self-Esteem Coach, Spiritual Coach, Stress & Depression, Success

(313) 437-2327

Nashville, TN, USA

Description: Kenyatte Tidwell, MBA is a heart-centered and results-focused coach, here to take the stress out of building and establishing your passion. With over 13 years experience, Coach Kenyatte’s main focus is Executive Coaching (to help you have an Executive State of Mind and Pay: Your Business is a reflection of you) as well as Life… Read More Read more...

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Julie Crowley, Personal Development Coach

Listed in Career Development, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach, Goal Setting, Inspiration, Life Coach, Life-Style Coach, Marriage Counselor, Motivational Coach, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), Performance, Performance Coach, Personal Development, Relationship Coach, Relationships & Dating, Stress & Depression, Workplace Bullying


Central Working, 231 Deansgate, Manchester, UK M3 4EN

Description: A Personal Development Coach with counselling and NLP, train the trainer skills too, I have been in business since 2005.  Working with professional people to manage barriers and problems, identify goals and the action steps needed to move people to where they want to be – knowing their why too. I work with people to… Read More Read more...

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