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Personal and Professional Life Coach

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Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Description: I am a life coach and partner in Twin Life Coaching. I assist my clients with their personal/professional challenges in a supportive, non-discriminatory manner in order to put balance back into their life, set goals, and deal with everyday worries As a life coach I aim to empower my clients to achieve their goals. I… Read More Read more...

Mary Scott: consultant

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VITAL SIGNS: Career, relational and occupational Coach

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+44 7719760924


Description: A unique system that unearths true potential. Essential for: career change, redundancy, youth coaching (for college/university choice and career choice), relationship and personal development coaching, retirement coaching. Identifying talent, design and motivational gifting. Helping with communication and assertiveness, working to your strengths and finding the niche that suits you. Read more...

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Epiphany Coaching and Workshops

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3 Calico Crab Retreat, Savannah, GA 31411

Description: Epiphany Coaching and Workshops offers the highest quality life coaching for women who are ready to move forward in achieving their dreams and goals. We walk you through a process of self-exploration, clarifying your direction and guiding you into finding and fulfilling your life purpose. We also offer fun, interactive workshops for women who want… Read More Read more...

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Life and ADD/ADHD Coach

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Queens, NY

Description: At Support Essence Life Coaching, I will partner with you to help you get in touch with your dreams and passions, identify your strengths, and formulate goals. Together, we will work to channel your inner essence in dealing with issues and challenges in a non-judgmental atmosphere, based on a relationship of equality. ABOUT ADD/ADHD: ADD/ADHD… Read More Read more...

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Joni Gilton

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Austin, TX USA

Description: My expertise is moving executives and professionals through challenges to transform their stress and struggle into improved performance and effectiveness so that they can achieve their desired results. My clients learn to partner with their emotions rather than manage or control them. They learn to use their internal guidance system to help them identify and… Read More Read more...

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Intuitive Life Coach

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Upper Crystal Creek Rd, Crystal Creek, NSW, Australia

Description: Life and Spiritual Coaching using intuition to uncover your true essence & calling in life. Learn deep universal principles to weave tension creatively & transform how your relate to yourself, others and the world. Read more...

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ABOUND Wellness Coaching

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Description: Gina’s spirited and dynamic character will capture you. Her thought provoking and relevant questions, mindful and perceptive responses and her artistic and creative methodology will pull out of you, your own inner reflexes and inspire and encourage you to realize your goals, dreams and desires. Carefully and intentionally she will facilitate your imaginings to emerge… Read More Read more...

You Can Do Better. Deb and Doug Believe In You (Check out

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Discover the Courage Within to Make Better Choices

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Hilo, HI, USA

Description: You Can Do Better. Ever find yourself wondering if you’re settling for less in life or wishing you could improve your relationships? Perhaps you’ve achieved great success in some areas of your life, and just want to take life to the next level. Warning Signs. In a world where negative influences encourage angry reactions or… Read More Read more...

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Success Catalyst

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Rue Albert Gos 14, 1206 Geneve, Suisse

Description: Nous sommes spécialisés dans l’accompagnement de personnes et de cadres désirant déceler d’autres horizons dans leur carrière, aspirant apprendre à entreprendre, voulant découvrir d’autres territoires et y vivre. Nous vous aidons à découvrir votre potentiel et à le libérer, à discerner vos talents et leurs donner toute l’ampleur qu’ils méritent ———— We are specialized in… Read More Read more...

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Jacques Myburgh, Transition Coach

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6 Spreeu Street, Joostenbergvlakte, Cape Town, South Africa

Description: Introduction If your business is heading towards a transition, I assist with changes to your business strategy, planning and strategic marketing. I also incorporate understanding of personality types, managing emotions (yours and others) and dealing with organisational change dynamics during transitions. If you are in a personal transition phase (midlife, quarter-life, retirement, retrenchment) or considering… Read More Read more...

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