Being assertive is a trait admired by many people in business, because it means you have the confidence and drive to get what you want.

If you are lacking confidence in your abilities and communication skills after being out of the workforce raising children

If you are unable to express yourself in meetings and be respected for your ideas
If you are inexperienced at creating and managing teams
If you need to improve your communication skills for your next promotion
If you are being bullied at work by bosses or fellow employees
If you are unsure of what it takes to break out of the corporate world and live your dream of self employment

If you are procrastinating about applying for better jobs or different careers because your are stuck in your comfort zone

“Assertiveness Formula For Women” 5-Step Coaching Program Is For YOU!!!

Catherine Sternberg combines her professional experience, her training as a certified Master Coach, and her life experience and works one-on-one with individuals in private coaching sessions. She believes that we all have the answers within ourselves and wants everyone to realize their potential to live powerful, rewarding lives.


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