Cindy Laverty helps women live courageously, maintain balance and design a life worth talking about!

I’m a Fear Busting/Transition Coach and I teach women how to transition from a life of “fine” to one that lights them up from the inside out. No matter where you are in your journey through this life, if you want to live on all cylinders you’ve got to break through the stuff that holds you back, rewrite your old story and start living the life you are meant to live.

I’ll get you through any transition with your life still in tact.

I also coach family caregivers who are going through transition after caregiving ends. It’s a process that requires nurturing, strategies, action and results. At the end of the journey, sometimes your left to try and figure out all alone. That’s where Cindy comes in. She helps you move through from full time caregiver to redefining and designing your new life purpose.

Cindy also blogs at Discovering Franklin about her journey of leaving her lifelong home in Los Angeles and moving to Franklin, Tennessee, American’s #1 favorite small Southern Town.


Transition/Fear Busting CoachMotivational/Inspirational Speaker
Seminars for Women
Talk Show Host/Media Personality


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