“When you realize who you truly are everything else automatically falls in place. Your mind, your emotions, your dreams, your desires, your past, your future, … Everything takes care of itself when you realize your true nature and operate from that higher place of love, power and truth.”

Filipe Moleiro


My purpose is to help people live their calling, a life aligned with their true self where everything they want and have been seeking naturally flows into their experience.

“What you seek is seeking you”, Bentinho Massaro

I am here to make people become their best versions of themselves, confident, happy, loved, free, abundant and powerful beyond their most pure expectations.

“Sometimes all you need is someone that gives you the right pointers, the right perspectives, that teaches you the right lessons at the right time and that puts you right on the track of everything you desire to be.”

Filipe Moleiro

It is my passion to help you see who you are above everything you assume yourself to be and to make you realize your powerful nature as being simultaneously the creator of your reality and the infinite awareness on top of it.

I love to help people and that’s what I am here for, to be of service to you, to make you live everything you desire to live and to be everything you desire to be.

Filipe Moleiro


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