“I help new coaches gain clarity, build confidence, and conquer fears, so that they can take action and start making money, even if it’s overwhelming and seems impossible.”

The Coaching process may come naturally and easily to most of us coaches, but sometimes the business part can be a bit overwhelming and cause us to stall. I know! It happened to me.

In 2010, while in the process of selling a small business that I started from the ground up, I was introduced to coaching. I decided that I would use my experience, expertise, passion, and training to start my own coaching practice, which capitalized on my strengths, and focused on a target market that I was well acquainted with (new coaches).

Through much trial and error, and a lot of cash, I finally figured out how to have a successful coaching practice that worked perfectly for me. Now, I get to help other new coaches do the same without going through all the “trial and error (and lots of cash)”.

Helping new coaches get on the path to success is so much fun for me to be part of. I love seeing and hearing all the creativity in my clients, especially those who think they have none. They truly inspire me. This is exactly why I do what I do.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband Zane, and our three whippet pups. I am the proud mom to four adult children who never cease to amaze and inspire me.

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