Coaching and training using your hidden internal strenght and clever life hacks

If someone asks you to climb a mountain, you probably first ask the question “why”. Then we think that it could be quite a walk, maybe cold at the top and before we know it we convinced ourselves that we can not do it. The beauty is: you can do it! Maybe you do not choose it, that is something different. I like to discover together with you which hidden powers you possess, so that you can achieve your goals at work, study or in your relationship.


There are times in your life or career that can be challenging. You’re not sure what it is, but you don’t know the solution. E.g. #career #glass ceiling #burnout #workfun #housing #loveproblems #familyproblems #stress #nastycolleague #bully #stagefever

You just want to become a better, more free of body and mind person. In one or more coaching sessions, we go on research together to see what exactly is happening and which coaching technique suits you best.

Team coaching

That nasty colleague, or that akward silence when you stand next to the coffee machine or walk past. Discrimination or intimidation or just want to achieve more and perform better. Ultimately, the key lies with the team.

#autonumousteams #disc #teamroles #cooperation #teamwork #results #meetingtechniques With the method that fits your company, we set up the right tools in consultation.

Getting Things Done®

I am an incompany GTD trainer for the Royal Netherlands Air Force. I can also provide the training for your professionals. Helicopter crew or policy makers, if you process a lot of information, GTD is the tool for you.

GTD is a method, in which a 5 steps method structure is offered, so that you can make better choices and do your work with more attention and creativity, without having to worry about what you still need to do. I provide all GTD training under the supervision of Meereffect, they are the Master License Holder for the David Allen company in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Click here for more information about Getting Things Done on the Meereffect website.

Workshop / Training

Always wanted to know more about a certain skill or strategy? Or just shoulder-to-shoulder training of your successor within the company? I train employees, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and young people in all skills I personally possess.

My expertise lies in operational management, people skills / communication, hospitality, aggression and conflict management, multicultural relations within teams and leadership training.


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