You Can Do Better. Ever find yourself wondering if you’re settling for less in life or wishing you could improve your relationships? Perhaps you’ve achieved great success in some areas of your life, and just want to take life to the next level.

Warning Signs. In a world where negative influences encourage angry reactions or bad behavior when things don’t work as planned, far too many people remain stuck in:
— unhealthy relationships
— toxic or stressful work situations
— or worse… hate themselves and their lives.

Life Is Challenging and Unfair. However, life’s obstacles can also become important personal growth opportunities for those who decide they’d rather learn how to thrive and bring out their best under adversity. Only a select few truly understand what it takes on a daily basis to make better choices under all conditions.

We Created Sunrise Aloha For You. Deb Lewis and Doug Adams from Sunrise Aloha get it. They once believed you can’t have it all… until they met and married 15 years ago with three amazing children between them. While bringing out the best in yourself is an important skill… Deb and Doug know it is not enough. Unless you consistently bring out the best in everyone, you can expect life’s daily negative influences to drag you back into using unhelpful habits and making less optimal choices.

Why Sunrise Aloha? Deb and Doug have taken their past struggles and successes over 2 lifetimes, gaining valuable insights, and easy-to-apply tips and tools that work immediately. Deb graduated with the first class with women at West Point (since 1802), joined the US Army Corps of Engineers and went on to serve 34 years in uniform, to include commanding in combat and being responsible for over $3B in construction programs. Doug, also Deb’s West Point classmate, served in Military Intelligence, retired from the military, became a lawyer, and upon Deb’s retirement decided to ride a bicycle 18,067 miles in one year to all 50 states to raise awareness and honor veterans, military, and their families. Inexperience definitely does not hold Deb or Doug back from thinking big and tackling tough issues. Every day Deb and Doug inspire others, just like you, who want to challenge themselves and make a difference in the lives of others. Their hard-earned lessons in life and love will make it easier for you to discover your path to:

Live the Life You’re Meant to and Love the Way You Want to…

Ignite your passion for life and love, and create a life of meaningful impact. See what magic happens when you discover better ways to improve your relationship with yourself and those you care about.

We at Sunrise Aloha – Believe In You. The real question is…
Are You Ready to Find the Courage Within to Make Better Choices?

Give Us A Call. Call us when you’re ready to:
— Stop losing the best part of yourself because of negative influences you face

— Start imagining life with far more blessings waiting for you to enjoy each day.


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