“You know how heart centered entrepreneurs and service driven professionals are struggling and often broke? I give them to steps to get their needs met and exceeded because once the money flows, everything is possible”.

Dr. Deborah Bishop is an Inner Image Expert – Because you will never outperform your own self image, or most specifically your net worth will never outperform your self worth. She is also a Keynote Performer. Using original inspiring music to deliver her Keynotes whenever possible.

Her company is a full service development company starting with “Inner Image” growing into “Expert Image” and finally the “Outer Image’. Her clients include a large amount of Coaches, Speakers and Authors as well as Entrepreneurs and Companies.

Programs / Workshops / Retreats
One -On-One – Groups and Business.

Programs include: Whole Wealth Breakthrough, The Accelerator, Total T.R.Action and also Open Office Hours. Her retreat is avail in a virtual format as well as live “Your Money Relationship”. Her new bootcamp format will be launching in 2015.

Also, Positive Media, including an in house production service, also upcoming talk show
“Deep Dish with Doctor Deborah”

Contact direct 615 823 0073


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