My name is Dr. Simone Ravicz. After working for years as a Clinical Psychologist, I decided to go into coaching so I could be of assistance and support to even more people. I am a Certified Coach and practice coaching in a variety of areas. I’m also a two-time International Bestseller and a Motivational Speaker and Workshop Leader.

It is my basic philosophy that people are truly amazing beings and that given the appropriate knowledge, techniques and tools, support, inspiration and accountability can definitely achieve the visions, goals and successes they desire. People can experience disturbing events at any point throughout their lives which can lead to them developing negative stress, negative thinking, distressing emotions and sabotaging behaviors.

I think you will find that I am very knowledgeable, empathetic, caring, inspiring, effective and even funny when appropriate. As my client, you are my number one priority. I am dedicated to helping you transform your life into that which you desire. We will work together to eliminate negative stress, depression, anxiety, fear, procrastination, addictions, weight issues and chronic pain. Instead, we will boost your performance, productivity, positivity, quality of relationships, level of happiness, well-being and business and personal success.


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