Our mission is to guide you from isolation, frustration & confusion to connection, peace & clarity so that you begin to LIVE life 🙂

YOU ~ Strong. Intelligent. Successful. Independent. We’re told we can have it all yet we understand the sacrifices that you have made to achieve success. We’re taught to be successful, yet success without fulfillment leaves us empty & vulnerable to the judgement of others & ourselves.
There’s an emptiness when you wake up & think about your day.
Like a iceberg, you float adrift, isolated & vulnerable. People only see the surface, yet, we understand your true worth lies deep below.

US ~ Our commitment is to support & nurture you on your journey towards clarity, to reconnect you with your true purpose, & guide you to find peace within. Let Elisi’s Light-sabre shine a light on your path, guiding you home to life you deserve.

Partner with ELISI THERAPIES & you’ll get a well proven 6 month programme from the Proctor Gallagher Institute & some Elisi Magic gained from studying with some of the best of the Mindset & Personal Development world leaders.


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