Do you want to speak so others will listen? Do you want to not only be heard, but understood?

I want to help you. I coach executive women in the workplace improve relationships, and experience professional growth by Communicating to Win.

You want to be recognized among your peers. You’ve got the ideas, and the confidence and you’re more than willing to work for what you want. But, you don’t quite know how to bring this forward, especially in a way that shows others just how unique your ideas and abilities are.

The key is learning how to communicate to win. Without it, ideas fall on deaf ears, and those who do hear, many not understand just how good your ideas are.

This is where I come in. With my Communicate to Win program, I’ll coach you until your skills have the capability to shine. We identify what’s unique about you to highlight your existing assets. Then, we use tools and strategies that will position you for success. When we’re done, you’ll be a confident communicator armed with effective strategies to get results.

About Monique Russell:

Monique is an executive coach, leadership guru, and communication expert. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism and two Masters of Science, one in Public Relations and one in Advertising. She is trained as a DiSC Facilitator, and she is a Public Speaking Subject Matter Expert (SME), specializing in presentations and delivery.

Connecting virtually all around the globe, Monique has taught more than 2,000 adult learners. She has also served as a communications expert for government agencies such as the Center for Disease Control, Fortune 100 corporations, and 6 higher education institutions.

As an adjunct professor, she specialized in interpersonal and intrapersonal communications and public speaking, having accrued more than seven years of professional experience. She co-founded a youth TEDx after school club, which is broadcast globally on, and is a card-carrying member of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. Contact her today!

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