With over 22 years of corporate experience, largely in the R&D / Training function of FMCG and Wellness organizations, I had the opportunity to perform significantly challenging & diverse roles, in various capacities.

Often people resign to the fact that there is only so much one can achieve, in the face of external (& internal) challenges. This thinking is what prevents  “High Potential”  people from transforming into “High Performing” individuals.

I believe every willing individual is capable of leading his best career & life… and this spurs me to help people develop new wiring towards enabling – thinking, behavior & habits.

–   Does lack of confidence or procrastination prevent you from reaching your goals?

–   Are you unable to find more time for focused planning & strategy at work?

–   Are you struggling to find better balance in life?

I am a Certified Coach from NeuroLeadership Institute (ACSTH, ICF), and a Soft skills Trainer, being trained at Dale Carnegie Training, as well as acquired facilitation skills through my work experience.

I believe my core strengths are in – Questioning to generate insights, Facilitation, Rapport building, Empathetic listening, Communication & Result orientation.

Helping Entrepreneurs and Professionals from various backgrounds, including – Banking, HR, R&D since 2015 for achieving success in their professional aspirations, and personal goals leading to –

          Increased confidence & work performance

          Fresh perspectives on personal challenges

          Enhanced decision-making skills

          Interpersonal effectiveness

          Balance between work, self- care and family

As a Coach and Trainer, I feel highly passionate about making significant impact in lives of individuals; helping them realize & achieve their true potential.


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