I coach successful entrepreneurs and leaders who want to take their business to a new level but feel stuck. A how to win challenge that broadens perspective to bring clarity for improved performance. Business leaders who have a growth mindset, and willing to get out of their comfort zone to do amazing things

Is this you:
•Wanting to inspire, to lead change
•Meeting unmet performance goals
•Strategic formulation instead of just planning
•Creating leadership engagement not just influence
•Wanting a culture that becomes a competitive advantage
•A desire to not just compete but HOW TO WIN

My coaching practice was founded on the principle of sports and business coaching driven by success. They both require the ability to assess where you are, what areas to focus on and supplying the skills,tools and motivation for you and the organization to have a game plan of “How to Win” A goal is not a strategy. I use a tool the Business Effectiveness Evaluation and Business Canvas Map to develop strategic business growth and an improved life/work balance = Winning with fun!

I played basketball at the University of Washington and professionally in Europe and understand the principles of coaching and what successful coaching can achieve. I have a BA in Communication and understand nothing really gets done in business without communication. The ability to communicate your vision and expectations that empower people and teams that change behaviors, and inspire greatness.

25+ years business executive creating and leveraging big-picture vision and insight into market dynamics, key business drivers, strategic planning and creative marketing strategies that strengthen market share and competitive advantage. Unique processes and tools to help you get to the next level.

Ideal client is
•Improvement driven
•Failure is not fatal for them or their team
•”Get it” team work can create extraordinary results
•Willingness to operate outside their comfort zone

A proven business coaching acumen creating unique opportunities. The goal is allowing you to see opportunities and be a visionary creative force.


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