If you are a Coach, Counselor, Healer, Therapist, Equestrian, or Interested Person and are reading this, chances are you have a desire to learn Equine Assisted Coaching.

If so, I have an important question for you.


Maybe you want to add this innovative modality to your profession. Or life has taken you on a different path and even though horses aren’t part of your everyday life, you think of them often, and feel this deep desire to work with them. Or maybe you just love horses.

It’s frustrating though because you don’t know how. For any of those reasons, and many more, you’re in the right place.

That’s what this training is all about: Learning the skill set, techniques and tools, of partnering with horses to create transformations for your clients.

“In Four Months You Can Be Trained and Certified in one of the most popular modalities in the World – Equine Assisted Coaching – giving you a cutting edge approach that speeds up the natural growth and learning process with Your Clients – Changing the Quality of their Lives AND Yours.”

Whether you are new to helping, healing or personal development or a Seasoned Pro—adding this In-Demand Innovative Modality will result in clients who can’t wait to invest in themselves with your services, as you are getting out into the world in a unique way.

In other words – Your Profession or Practice Elevated!
PLUS bring fun and value into your life for years to come. I’m ready to show you how, step by step, with the ALL NEW, Signature Equine Assisted Coaching Certification Training Program!

Note: This Certification Training is available whether you want to add equine assisted coaching to the work you may be already doing or whether you have no coaching, counseling, etc. background and are brand new to equine assisted coaching. If you have no coaching, counseling, etc. background, I will help you look at and consider my Learn How to Coach with Confidence Coaching Program, or additional training to help you to be skilled, confident, and successful.


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