Dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals for personal and professional success, Dora Carpenter is known for challenging and motivating clients to take action and move forward in life transitions, grief, and fear. Her gentle and empathetic approach is articulated in her coaching, writing, speaking, and mentoring.

Dora Carpenter is a certified life coach, certified grief coach, certified consumer’s funeral consultant, and founder of The ANIYA Group Life Coaching Center. She is also one of a select group personally licensed by internationally known best-selling author and motivational speaker, Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. to teach her Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway┬« work in the United States. The National Association of Distinguished Professionals recognized Dora as a professional in her field and she will appear in a 2015 issue of Women of Distinction Magazine.

Her signature coaching program, Decide to Say Yes!, encourages individuals to find their “happy” and live in the now.


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