FOM Coaches are at the top of their game and in a class by themselves. They are prepared. They are purposeful. They artfully walk you through the coaching process. They are by your side the entire time. They live it. Breathe it. And will help you transform at a mind-blowing pace.

It takes a particular kind of coach to make the grade.

And it takes a particular type of client to meet the challenge.

It begins with 10 weeks, 10 calls and 70 days of journaling.

Why is journaling so important?

It’s intense. It’s dynamic. It’s deliberate. It’s about driving results.

In between coaching sessions you are engaged with your coach using our online journaling platform – JournalEngine™. Our online platform changes the landscape of coaching by keeping you intimately connected to your coach in between coaching sessions and also keeps you deeply engaged in the implementation of the concepts and principles throughout your coaching program.

Our process is designed to create an unprecedented level of personal insight necessary for clients to experience a radical change at an accelerated rate. This is not for people who are scared to move forward or try new things. It’s for people who are strong-minded and prepared to take a serious look at themselves in order to experience monumental results.


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