HEART AND SOUL was established in 2011 with the aim of providing the service of Personal Life Coaching. The scope of HEART AND SOUL focuses on inner transformation in response to problems and challenges as a result of new phases in life, such as the loss of a job, a chronic illness, divorce, burn-out, loss of a loved one and many other events that can place a person on her/his threshold. It is the conviction of HEART AND SOUL that life’s problems hide our greatest potential hitherto unexpressed, and as such they provide a means for renewal and moving forward.

Closely interlinked with that transformation is the search for meaning and purpose. This personal search goes far beyond what one should ‘do’ in the world; it is a search for values, for inner balance, peace and meaning.

To meet these needs, HEART AND SOUL is presenting three detailed personal coaching programs, each one comprehensive in its field. These programs are accompanied by close individual guidance by the coach at all times. The option of conducting these programs by e-mail makes them practical to work with, affordable and accessible to anyone. This e-mail format however, does not take away the close and individual guidance by your coach.


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