In 1988 the divorce rate hit 50% now 28 years later nothings really changed, Why is that?

The average marriage last 10 years up from 7, is this progress?

No one gets married to get divorce but it happens. Today we have fewer people getting married and so many who no longer believe in love. Ask yourself what happens to our collective future if we can’t build a strong family unit for our children if the legacy we leave them is just have lots of sex and shack up until you’re ready to move on.

TheOneThought Relationship Coaching believes love is synonymous with GOD and you can’t have a relationship without GOD regardless of what you call the Source it permeates your relationship and creat the glue that holds  you together.

I am Rev. Harvey L. Bailey, I have a Master of Divinity, A Certified Professional Coach, the co-host of the Internet radio relationship show One Love, One Connection, One Us, and The author of Relationship SURVIVAL.

To find out how to “Be Happy and Have Fun Growing Old” with your spouse call 443-388-0356 for your FREE no obligation Divine Love Strategy Session.


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