Utilizing every means possible to help people become their best selves, Ximena Veliz, International Life Coach, Heal Your Life Coach and founder of Inspiring Lives, LLC has launched InspireReminders.com. Designed to be a self-development hub for those looking to change defeating thoughts Veliz has tapped into a very practical way to get a jumpstart. The forward-thinking life coach has created sticker reminders that sing the praises of new life choices one glance at a time.
Offering stickers, magnets, and postcards with colorful affirmations the Inspire Reminders line gives a quick jolt of positivity. Affirmations are designed to bolster self-esteem, change eating habits, win over illness or support relationships among myriad other goals. A lovely addition to a bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car dashboard or computer monitor – wherever the glance regularly falls is an exceptional place for inspiration.

Designed to Inspire Change
Veliz said of the website launch, “The site is designed to support people either with life coaching or these life-affirming stickers. When doing the daily work, my reminder stickers are a very practical way to quickly snap out of old disempowering thought patterns.”

InspiringReminders.com offers reminders that say, “I am ready for a loving relationship.”, “I feel happy and share my joy.”, “I acknowledge my body’s message.” “I am worthy of love.”. Inspire Reminders retail for between $1.40 and $1.70 USD for single reminders and magnets and $3.50 for personalized reminders.
Personalize Your Reminders

Putting the control into the hands of the user the reminders can be personalized as well with the site’s Make Your Own option. Veliz adds, “Only the person themselves can really know the heart of what they’re facing. In those times, they’re the best writer of a reminder that will inspire them to change in the areas they need it most.


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