If your business is heading towards a transition, I assist with changes to your business strategy, planning and strategic marketing. I also incorporate understanding of personality types, managing emotions (yours and others) and dealing with organisational change dynamics during transitions.

If you are in a personal transition phase (midlife, quarter-life, retirement, retrenchment) or considering one (sabbatical, career change), I facilitate the search for clarity and direction, dealing with loss and finding new meaning.


My life coaching assists with the journeys we travel throughout life. The challenges we encounter during these life transitions can be highly stressful and the emotional reactions can be debilitating. Journeys such as midlife, quarter-life and career changes inevitably results in leaving behind certain things and having to deal with new things. Existential Coaching and Transition Coaching assists with the losses, emotions, stress and making new meaning in life.

My business coaching services includes executive coaching (e.g. coaching for behaviour and emotional intelligence in the workplace) and business coach (e.g. coaching for strategic market development, business decision-making, performance improvement, business transitions and organisational changes).

As a licensed HeartMath® Coach, I facilitate a programme for Building Personal Resilience™ to develop sustainable energy management skills. This programme is based on the scientific research of HeartMath, their stress intervention techniques and biometric feedback system.

Related to this stress management offering, I provide structured mindfulness sessions using a variety of approaches, including Tibetan singing bowls and Chamomile tea sachets, available for individuals as well as teams in your organisation.

For the stressed Creatives out there and those interested in photography, my Mindful Photography Workshops will expose you to the Slow Movement and facilitate an approach to capturing meaningful images.


My business experience includes 25 years of corporate work. I have a solid background in business intelligence & performance visualisation, project & program management, project office management, organisational change management, quality management and business process management. I have been coaching since 2008 and my own personal transition brought me to my own business – ThroughTheLine Coaching & Consulting.

In 2015 I was one of the first members of COMENSA to be credentialed as a SAQA recognised professional coach, with the designation COMENSA Credentialed Practitioner (CCP). I subscribe to COMENSA’s Code of Ethics and receive regular supervision (personal as well as peer group), as required by the profession. Furthermore, I have a strong interest in research and in Evidence-Based Practice and serve as chairperson of COMENSA’s Research Portfolio Committee.

How I work

The first contact session of 30 – 60 minutes is an introduction to coaching and an overview of your situation. This is a free consultation session.  If we decide to continue with coaching, I will provide you with a Coaching Agreement, documenting the way we will work, what we want to achieve and the logistics of the coaching.

If you are in the Cape Town, Northern Suburbs or Boland area, the coaching sessions will be in-person, otherwise skype or telephone coaching works very well. I have a studio available in a quiet rural area on the outskirts of Cape Town, otherwise I will meet you at your venue.

I am available during public holidays as well as week-ends, in the event of your diary being full.

Academic qualifications

  • MPhil in Management Coaching (cum laude), USB
  • MBA in Strategic Marketing Management & Organisational Change Facilitation, Oxford-Brookes University, in the UK
  • BSc in Information Systems, UJ
  • Diploma in Project Management, Executive Education, Newport University, USA

Membership, professional accreditations and publications

  • COMENSA Credentialed Practitioner (CCP), WCMYB-2118-CCP, a SAQA recognised professional designation
  • Licensed HeartMath® Coach
  • COMENSA member since 2010
  • Chairperson of the COMENSA Research Portfolio Committee since 2015
  • Midlife as change facilitator“- Published in the International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 11(4). Common Ground Publishers.


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