Can you relate to this?

– You have a serious case of the Mondays on Every. Single. Monday
– You feel like you’re in the WRONG JOB, wrong company, wrong industry
– You feel STUCK
– You crave more MEANINGFUL and FULFILLING work
– You just can’t CATCH a break???

How I can help

I help my clients DARE to do work differently. Working together, you’ll gain CLARITY like you’ve never experienced before, feel in total CONTROL of your career direction, and you’ll be CONFIDENT in the action plan we will put in place to create work that truly WORKS for YOU!

I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to feel unfulfilled in work. But I believe that everyone can find or create work that truly fits them. YOLO my friend. You’re here for a purpose.

My style is collaborative, yet fiery, and offers REAL results and REAL progress. I’ll ask you questions. A TON of questions. Like a 3-year-old-who-always-asks-WHY amount of questions. Questions that will make you go “Whoa. That’s deep”. I’ll challenge you. I’ll get you to put your words into action so that you can feel empowered and ultimately do the work you LOVE! I’m all about YOU. My job is to get you to greatness and THIS work sets my soul on fire!

A bit about me…

I’m a corporate misfit turned Career and Leadership Coach. By trade I’m a financial services pro who has worked for various multi-national corporations, mid-sized firms, and a one-woman shop. I spent 12 years in the cubicle jungle and then I knew I had had enough!

Whatever your location, we can work together! I offer sessions over phone, Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime if you’re an Apple lover. You can even be in your pj’s and drinking a glass of wine!

So are you ready to get your work working for you? Let’s chat!


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