At Lake Ozark Spiritual Sanctuary we can help you with your Spiritual needs. I assist spiritual adults to apply metaphysical concepts to achieve inner personal growth on their path to enlightenment. Spiritual Elder Ms. Catherine Alonso can assist you to understand Spirituality in easy to understand terms. I use common every day language to explain some of the most difficult and perplexing concepts. Concepts such as “What is a Soul?, What are the Akashic Records?, etc.

Spiritual Elder Catherine can teach you the fundamentals of what it means to be a Spiritual person in this New Age of Spirituality. She can also assist the newly “aware” person who is seeking answers what their new gifts mean. She calls this person a “Seeker”. She can teach the “Seeker” how to cope and expand their gifts. She can teach the “Seeker” how to live life to the fullest and to be happy with their gifts.


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