Dating and relationship coaching and matchmaking for midlife lesbians ages 40-65. I have been in the coaching field over 15 years and was trained at Coachville, The Life Coaching Group, The Relationship Coaching Institute and The Matchmaking Institute.

I also hold an MSW from the University of Maryland at Baltimore and am licensed to practice psychotherapy in Maryland and Florida.

I earned a specialization in EAP in my graduate studies, including an EAP internship and I have many years of work experience as an EAP professional. I have experience consulting with managers and CEO’s. I have consulted with employees and employers in the non-profit and profit sectors, including Fortune 100’s and the federal government.

I have also worked as a manager and employee in major corporations, particularly in the health care industry and I am shocked how unhealthy and abusive they can be towards their employees!

So I have developed a consultancy for companies that are ready to become healthier and happier for their employees. For companies who ‘get it’ that the happier their employees are, the more they will prosper as a company.

If a company knows their turnover is too high and they know employees are unhappy, they understand it’s not because their employees have ‘an atittude problem’ perhaps it’s not them. Maybe it’s time the company looked at it’s part in the equation.

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