Transformation comes from within. It happens unannounced and sometimes unnoticed. It may be harmful and heartful and always leaves us behind. Changed. Transformed. While some may argue it was for the best, we may decide it could have been done differently. At the very least.

When we decide that change is iminennt, it happens all the time and WE are actually the driving force around it, we may also decide to change it. The change. The whole process. And sometimes even the outcome.

When we decide that it is our force who drives the change and use it as our “car”, we may decide to step on it and go forward in no time. To live with it. And make the ride. The ride of your life. The best of it. Everything you’d like.

I have developped my private practice in coaching coaching fellows seeking leadership, transformation from within and spirituality. I am also sustaining parenting and relationships.


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