At Support Essence Life Coaching, I will partner with you to help you get in touch with your dreams and passions, identify your strengths, and formulate goals. Together, we will work to channel your inner essence in dealing with issues and challenges in a non-judgmental atmosphere, based on a relationship of equality.

ADD/ADHD is a neurological, often inherited, disorder that interferes with sustained focusing and can affect impulse control. It is often misunderstood as laziness or a lack of caring. Fortunately, professional attitudes about ADD have moved away from a moral model of labeling individuals with ADD as lazy or uncooperative to one of recognizing ADD as a matter of unique brain wiring. It is a very real challenge. Someone suffering from ADD can actually feel paralyzed at times, as if they are up against a brick wall and cannot move ahead with action! Many people without ADD sometimes feel similar frustrations.

Coaching provides a partner to help us through that “stuck” feeling – to pause and consider options for moving forward. It also provides a means of accountability for the client. I provide the option for check-ins between coaching sessions to help hold you accountable in your pursuit of your goals.

> Coach Training:
– JST Coaching, which was founded by Jodi Sleepr-Triplett, a pioneer in the field of youth & ADHD coaching.
– ADD Coach Academy, which is the only comprehensive ADHD coach training program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation.

> Prior Professional Background:
– Project Manager in various industries – in user, vendor & consultant environments.

> Professional Organization Memberships:
– CHADD – Children & Adults with ADD/ADHD (member & volunteer)

– COPAA – Council of Parent & Attorney Advocates
Trained in SEAT (Special Education Advocacy Training) Program

– ACO – ADHD Coaches Organization

– ICF – International Coach Federation


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