I support creative souls in their desire to surpass boundaries by means of self-discovery and accountability. I believe that creativity can be inserted into all aspects of our lives. If you are starting out on any journey, or need to get over a roadblock in a current journey, I would love to assist you in crossing these boundaries and making permanent changes.

About Me

I am fairly new to the professional coaching world, but I have been naturally coaching my whole life. I guess that’s why I consider this field to be my true calling. When asked to describe me, my friends and family used word like creative, loyal, intuitive, and compassionate. I hold these descriptions near and dear. I have a true compassion for humanity, and I believe that we are all capable of reaching our greatest desires in a graceful and kind way that stays true to who we are. With coaching, there is no “rat race”. It’s just you and me in a space of honesty and discovery. That is what I love about coaching.

My hobbies include anything that allows me to let my creativity flourish; Photography, calligraphy/lettering, blogging, cooking, reading, being outdoors, and traveling are among the many things that I enjoy.

I am enrolled in on-going education courses with Coach U, Inc. I am also a part of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Michigan Charter Chapter of the ICF. My education for coaching is never done. It is a continuos process that I grow from each day. My success lays with you, the client.


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